Off The Strength


The Rules of Sex Vacation

Season 1, Ep. 8

Starting off with Middle Child from J Cole to set the tone, another episode of Off The Strength to start your week right.

4 new segments start on this episode:

1st we have Tony with Ripped from the Headlines to discuss Thor and his fitness venture.

Followed by the Armed Forces new initiative to get people on the path to military greatness and ready for the challenge ahead before basic training has even begun.

2nd is From the Crown Down Troy wants to get you right starting from inside your head to the soles of your feet and everywhere in between. A frank discussion on mental health and how it still remains a taboo topic in men and even more so in black men.

3rd we have Catchphrase Jones with Lyrical Exercise to discuss music and how it relates to fitness, getting your body moving and keeping you motivated, some music recommendations as well.

Mc Jenkins & Killer Mike Documentary on Netflix called Trigger Warning.

4th to wrap things up Corey brings the lights down and starts the segment, Mind Sex - I'll let you listen to that one without any explanation, but make sure you got your shades ready.

Tony : @ATrainerCalledTony

Kyle: @KRJones_

Troy: @Troy_Brooks

Corey: @YourTrainerCorey

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