Off The Strength


Special Guest - Claire Fountain aka cbquality

Season 1, Ep. 4

The guys spend time with a special guest in studio, Claire Fountain, to discuss health, wellness and fitness culture from the female perspective.

Diving into Claire's journey of falling in love, losing that love and finding the love of fitness and wellness again and having important discussions on the world of Instagram influencers such as Claire.

This is a great episode that explores important topics beyond physical health, but also the importance of mental health and taking care of your entire self. The group also touches on the disrespect found on the internet and how Claire navigates those trolls in her own style, and in Corey's words, if you slide into Claire's DMs, he will slide into yours. Respect. 

BIO: Claire Fountain @cbquality is the wellness culture of tomorrow. A writer, visionary, and celebrity yoga instructor who’s globally recognized TrillYoga continues to influence the fitness industry. With clients ranging from the top NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes to the likes of brands such as Amazon, Target, Adidas and Nike; Claire inspires with her unorthodox and realistic approach to yoga and mental health, while promoting a conscious lifestyle through insight and education. Her work focus on the intersection of women, well being, mental health, body image, self worth and the stories we tell ourselves with experience ranging from over half a dozen e-books to international classes and speaking engagements. 

Claire graduated from Vassar College and is currently finishing her graduate studies at Wake Forest University while working on a (some day) book. 

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