Off The Strength


Lessons Hard Learned. Featuring: Coy White.

Season 2, Ep. 122

On this weeks episode of OFF THE STRENGTH, We apologize for being off schedule as we all looked to find normalcy in a time of uncertainty. While seeking to continue to create through constraint, we are recording and mixing in different locations, and look forward to the challenge of raising the bar of our remote recording art.

In this episode Tony sits down with Coy White, a POLYMATH in the truest of definitions. At 21 years old, Coy is a Vidoegrapher, Street Trails Bike Rider, Stunt Car Driver, Orchestral Trombone Player, who in his spare time dabbles in Parkour, Bio hacking, early stage tech investments, podcasting and launching his startup Sprackle.

As impressive as the list of activities is, It barely scratches the surface of who Coy is and why he does what he does. This is a small clip of what ended up being a days long conversation, talking about separating identity from achievement, self image and predispositions, thriving with un-diagnosed ADHD, realizing the limitations of overachievers, what happens when everything that usually comes easy gets thrown of course, developing compassion and forgiveness for self, and so much more.

This is part one of a pod collaboration experience, stay tuned for part two on Coy's Sprackle podcast

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