Off The Strength


Best Day Ever & The Death of Catchphrase Jones

Season 1, Ep. 10

From The Best Day Ever, Off The Strength is joined by Alyssa Palella @AlyssaPalella on IG.

Alyssa dives into her journey from the college years and her addiction which led her to her love of fitness.

She also discusses the foundation she started with her friend Lindsay Brown to support those who are in or have been in her position in the past.

On February 7th The Best Day Ever is hosting their first event to launch the foundation

RSVP at or the website (CLICK HERE)

BestDay.Ever on IG

We also learned about Kyle and his time at McDonalds, you won't believe what he was able to do with the dollar menu as he called it, The Golden Age of The Dollar Menu.

Stay tuned to the end to hear about the death of Catchphrase Jones and how he is reborn as his new persona.

Again, please check out Best Day Ever Foundation on Instagram and show support for this amazing cause.

Alyssa is the the Co-Founder of a non-profit called The Best Day Ever.

Best Day Ever Foundation is a national nonprofit dedicated to fighting the opioid crisis by empowering individuals and families with healing, inclusive and inspiring communities. Right now, they're focused on one specific goal: To revitalize America’s support community for people whose lives have been affected by the opioid and addiction crisis. 


Over two years into recovery from addiction, Alyssa Palella is a rising Millennial advocate in America's recovery movement. She truly loves her work and believes in maintaining authenticity through her message. Alyssa shares her recovery journey through her online instagram platform in hopes that others who struggle can connect with her and be inspired to live a sober lifestyle

She has collaborated with Brands including Healthade, MNDFL, Swisse Vitamins, and Sunday Forever

Alyssa has worked at publications including Conde Nast, Forbes and Time Inc.

Tony : @ATrainerCalledTony

Kyle: @KRJones_

Troy: @Troy_Brooks

Corey: @YourTrainerCorey

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