Off The Strength

OFF THE STRENGTH is an exploration in the Hip-Hop and Wellness love affair that makes up the culture of the modern day fitness industry, giving weekly insights on new developments from pro's at the top of their game, tips on how to optimize your pursuits towards a better self, and sharing transformative stories from some of the best practitioners and artist celebrating the pulse of life -- showcasing not only what they do, but most importantly why they do what moves them.






An adamant ambassador and native son of Crooklyn. The by product of one too many beat breaks, back spins, and drum solos. With a thirst for knowledge and innate skepticism, this boom bap provocateur speaks his mind and questions his environment in a perpetual pursuit to reap the very best of what the human experience has to offer.


Kyle - From B’more to Buck-Town, this young go getter has focused his eye on the prize from his first steps in the big apple. A scholar by merit and a hustler by spirit, this connoisseur has a palette that’s been keenly trained to opulence and influence.


Corey - Strong Islands own Corey is your favorite trainer's favorite trainer. Whether developing boutique studios, working with professional athletes or super stars, the bravado is felt in any space this baritone leader calls home.


Troy - A self appointed king hailing from queens, Troy personifies the sentiment of respect being earned and not given. From the top of the crown down to the soles of the nikes, he seeks opulence while pledging to stay grounded with a level of openness that is startlingly human.