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Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower: How to NOT Get Divorced

There are two popular “jokes” floating around about couples during COVID-19 shelter-in-place: 1. The next baby boom will be in approximately 9 months, and, 2. The divorce rates are going to SKYROCKET as soon as social distancing ends.Since none of us would like to see our marriages and / or partnerships crumble under the enormous financial, physical and emotional stress that this pandemic can bring, we have decided to go to the experts. While these stressors *can* break the longest standing relationships, there IS opportunity to use them to make us stronger TOGETHER.Today, we are talking with relationship experts: Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower, so they can share their proven approach to getting clear on what you need and want individually so you can come together, support each other, and thrive as a team through this crisis and beyond. SIGN US UP!Alex and Bob believe passionately that the world needs more people who know how to build aligned and empathic relationships — in businesses, communities, and families — through powerful, clear conversations. Their intention is to help you be the catalyst for positive change in your organization and your life. This is possible when you know how to get in alignment, and create common cause, with other people.Radical Alignmentwill teach you a simple, guided methodology that allows groups to increase empathy and trust. It can be used in sales, when launching a team, or at any point during the project where some refocus is needed.Get your free chapter and guide HERE: