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  • 6. The Life of a Digi-Nomad + God Talk w/Julian Bertsch

    In this episode of the OccultPod, we speak with the other co-owner of the FSC (Freedom Seeker Community), Julian. We discuss his journey into digital nomadism (is it really all it's cut out to be?), his thoughts on God and faith, and obviously some classic conspiracy jargon. And don't forget to like and subscribe. And also comment, because it helps the algorithm! links to all our socials here!

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  • 5. Breaking: January's Conspiracy News! 📰 | 2024 Predictions Revealed | People Waking Up Worldwide ☀️

    On our first episode of the year, we speak about the latest conspiracies and news so far in 2024, why people are raising their consciousness and awakening since the pandemic and we give our predictions for the year.
  • 4. Matthew Perry: A Friend Lost | Death Synchronicities

    We speak on the tragic death of Friends actor Matthew Perry, where conspiracies and theories have surfaced on social media following his death where suggestions are that the death was ritualistic.Are these death synchronicities organic or are the elite involved in Perry's death?
  • 3. Donald Trump - The Next US President?

    This is not a political podcast. We discuss the recent Trump controversy, as well as his character in general, as well as his connections to Israel & theories of him potentially being the Antichrist.
  • 2. Community & Brotherhood With Sean Sookarry - Co founder of the Freedom Seeker Community

    In the times we are in, especially in the modern era, it is extremely important to be surrounded by like-minded people and have a community. This is nothing new in the occult & conspiracy world, as existing online communities are available for people with awakenings to connect with each other. In this episode, we invite the co-founder of the Freedom Seeker Community, Sean Sookarry, onto our show to discuss the community that he and Julian Bertsch (FSC Co-founder) have built to connect with young, ambitious men with the objective of having complete freedom. We also talk on the impact the community has had in strengthening the brotherhood between us, the conspiracy dilemma and gave our thoughts on the FSC event held in Ireland which Rowan went to alongside other FSC members.
  • 1. The Conspiracy Trap

    Well... Is the whole conspiracy game a trap? We speak on possibilities that suggest this question to be true, as well as talking about popular conspiracies like the infamous 9/11, whilst adding a little bit of self-improvement talk.
  • 25. Connecting the Matrix Puzzle With Silviu

    Silviu re-joins with us once again to further connect recent events in the matrix as well as the esoteric findings he has found, speaking about those topics in this episode and on his YouTube channel.