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Season 1, Ep. 9

On this episode of Objection! Your Fiction, Lee and Cooper chat with Rubin, Fiorella & Friedman LLP partner—and 90210 superfan—Michael Tomsky about the potential liability issues in Season 2 Episode 14 “The Next Fifty Years.” The group breaks down the scene of Scott accidentally shooting himself in the stomach to ask the following questions—was this a gun issue or a user issue? Does the “zone of danger” apply to David as a witness? Is there a potential for a suit against the parents? Find out the answers to these and more in our fascinating conversation about a 90s classic. Let us know what you think!

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  • The Jinx Part 2 - Paul Blumenthal

    On today's episode of Objection! You're Fiction, Lee and Brad sit down with lawyer turned actor Paul Blumenthal to discuss his role as Robert Durst in The Jinx Part 2, following the aftermath of Durst's notorious murder confession in 2015's hit documentary The Jinx.We chat about Paul's journey from solo practitioner to the screen, and the difficulties of embodying the persona and manner of The Jinx's unusual subject without saying a word. We also get the unique perspective of an accomplished lawyer on the intricacies of the real-life murder trial and appeal of Robert Durst, gaining insight on the difference of what the public think they know, and what the state can effectively prove.Mr. Blumenthal was a fantastic guest who helped us to better understand the man, the case, and the production of The Jinx Pt 2. We think you'll really enjoy our conversation.If you want to see more info on Paul Blumenthal you can go to https://www.paulblumenthal.actorAnd to learn more about the legal practice of Bergstein Flynn Knowlton & Pollina, you can go to
  • Jury Duty - David Brown (Todd)

    On today's episode of Objection! You're Fiction we interview the improv mastermind behind fan-favorite character Todd of Jury Duty.Jury Duty took the world by storm last year on FreeVee, and David Brown delighted fans and participants alike with his portrayal of the socially awkward, bio-modification obsessed Todd.We get insight into the cast (jury?) selection process, the preparation everyone went through to walk the tightrope of realism and comedy, and just how tricky it is to remain in-character through days of simulated tedium.So pull up some chair-pants, and listen to this week's interview on Objection! You're Fiction!And if you're ever in need of real legal advice (sans hidden cameras), you can contact Bergstein Flynn Knowlton & Pollina at
  • 13. The Producers (1967)

    On this exciting episode of "Objection! You're Fiction" Lee and Mike sit down to chat with our good friend David Slarskey to take a look behind the curtain at the Mel Brooks masterpiece "The Producers" (1967).This sidesplitting comedy is the oldest film we've looked at so far, and deserves to be remembered as ahead of its (spring)time. David is both a playwright and fellow lawyer who helps us break down the many defrauded investors and arson attempts as bumbling buffoons Bialystock and Bloom break laws and moral codes in search of the elusive greatest flop in Broadway history.You can check out David's latest play "Schmaltz" at the NYC Fringe Festival running April 7th to 21st at the wild project theater, located at 195 E 3rd St in Manhattan. if you want to avoid a contract promising 15,000% of profits to your investors, you can contact Bergstein Flynn Knowlton & Pollina at
  • 12. BFKP's Legal TV and Movie March Madness

    March Madness BFKP style! The official OYF Selection committee discusses the intensive research and sophisticated process of determining seeds for its Best Legal Film and TV bracket. Which #1 seed is overrated? Which films get court right? Will we see any major upsets?And just one more thing... Have you seen the greatest legal film of all time?Download a copy of our bracket here: your filled out brackets to:!
  • 11. Mad Men with Vincent Kartheiser

    In this episode of "Objection! You're Fiction," Brad and Lee switch up the format for a chat with the actor behind Pete Campbell, Vincent Kartheiser!We'll hear about the thought Vincent put into his character's motivation, the benefits of working with a professional creative team, and the way things might work differently for the "heroes" of Sterling Cooper in the modern day. We'll also touch on some inflection points for Pete Campbell, his career, and his relationship with Don Draper. From contention and blackmail to mutual respect, one never knows how loyalty is born.
  • 10. The Santa Clause

    On this holiday edition of Objection! Your Fiction, BFKP team members Lee, Brad, and Emily talk about the 1994 film The Santa Clause. Like any good children’s movie, it opens with the accidental death of Santa Claus and a coat-based contract. But how enforceable is this “Santa Clause?” Are milk and cookies fair compensation? Does your homeowner’s policy cover sleigh damage? Find out if the team would take on Scott Calvin's case by listening to our most festive episode yet!
  • 8. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

    On this episode of Objection! Your Fiction, Lee and Cooper chat with Thomas Brennan about liability issues in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971). Like the totally normal businessman he is, Mr. Wonka thought ahead and had the attendees sign a waiver the size of a room before embarking on their tour. But can this unreadable contract signed by children protect Willy and his factory/amusement park/deathtrap? Thomas, Lee, and Cooper ponder Liability in Loompaland and decide which of the children’s cases would be most likely to prevail in court. It’s a fascinating conversation revisiting a childhood classic and we hope you find it as interesting as we did. Let us know what you think!Thomas Brennan is a partner at Vigorito, Barker, Patterson, Nichols & Porter LLP. His practice focuses include construction litigation, medical malpractice, and general liability. He has yet to try a case of accidental blueberrification.
  • 7. Coming to America

    On this episode of Objection! You're Fiction, Cooper and Lee chat with intellectual property attorney Andres Munoz about the1988 film Coming to America staring Eddie Murphy. The conversation focuses on the trademark issues posed by "McDowell’s" the obvious McDonald’s knockoff that Murphy's character works at in the film. Andres addresses the strengths and weaknesses of McDonald’s hypothetical trademark infringement suit, the likelihood of McDonald's obtaining a TRO, and how the registration of a mark would impact the trademark analysis. It's another fun conversation that we hope you enjoy!Andres Munoz is a partner at Romano Law. Andres helps businesses navigate complex business disputes, especially those involving infringement and enforcement of company brands. He advises, litigates, and arbitrates primarily for media, blockchain, and financial services clients.Produced by Bergstein Flynn Knowlton & Pollina, "Objection! You're Fiction" provides an engaging and offbeat exploration of the legal quandaries facing our favorite characters in television and movies. Every episode invites listeners into the proverbial podcast chambers as our hosts, debate, discuss, and dissect the legal intricacies woven into these fictional narratives.