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HoverGames Challenge 2: Help Drones, Help Others During Pandemics

Season 1, Ep. 9

For more than a year now, the coronavirus has changed our daily lives. In HoverGames Challenge 2, “Help Drones, Help Others During Pandemics”, NXP asked contestants to come up with innovative ways for drones to help people in need, improve crisis management or even directly prevent the spread of disease. In this episode, Nitin Dahad, editor at EE Times and, discusses the NXP HoverGames challenge to a challenge based interactive coding competition and its recently announced winners. He's joined by Iain Galloway, Program Manager for Drones and Rovers at NXP, Ramon Roche, Program Manager at Dronecode Foundation, Ian McElhenny and Adam Berlier of Team SCAREcrow, the winners of HoverGames 2. 

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