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How to write a will

Season 3, Ep. 2

Writing a will is the kind of task we put off - but preparing one is actually, generally quite straightforward.

In this episode, solicitor Daniel Price explains what you need to do ahead of making a will writing appointment and gives an overview of the process.

He also tells senior news reporter Kimberley Hackett the importance of a will for nurses who are not married, have property, children including those from different relationships and or vulnerable beneficiaries.

Nurse Michelle Crisp also explains why surgery led her to write a will and the peace of mind it has given her.

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Tick-borne encephalitis virus – what nurses need to know

Season 9, Ep. 1
What do nurses need to know about tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV), which has recently arrived in the UK? Spread by the bite of an infected tick, TBEV can lead to a spectrum of illness including meningitis and encephalitis (swelling of the brain) and is potentially lethal. This episode hears from Sylviane Defres, a consultant in infectious diseases at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and a senior clinical lecturer at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Dr Defres tells interviewer journalist Erin Dean about the signs and symptoms nurses should be looking out for and how the illness presents and develops. They discuss the areas that are higher risk in the UK with more infected ticks and what is known about the spread of the virus in the UK. The importance of public health advice from nurses to protect people from getting bitten by ticks and the availability of a vaccine is also covered. Dr Defres also shares her top three tips for nurses on TBEV: Be aware of the importance of advice on avoiding tick bites as this can protect from TBEV and other tick-borne illness. Be vigilant and consider the possibility of TBEV if seeing a patient with relevant symptoms. Ask them if they have been outside in grassy areas working or enjoying the countryside.  Refer on and seek specialist advice when a patient has possible symptoms which cause concern, especially neurological ones. Patients with neurological signs should be referred to hospital as an emergency.For more episodes of the Nursing Standard podcast, visit
Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Nurses’ finances: could you be earning more money?

Season 8, Ep. 7
How can you make your money stretch a bit further, plan for retirement and feel in control of your finances? Times are tough financially for many nurses at the moment, with pay not rising as fast as the rocketing cost of living. This episode hears from money mentor for women and NHS GP Nikki Ramskill who shares information on how nurses can get to grips with their money and make it work for them better. Known as the Female Money Doctor, Dr Ramskill is on a mission to improve women’s money management skills. She advises knowing exactly what money is coming in and out, how to reduce unnecessary costs and check pension statements to fully understand the current financial situation. She tells podcast host health journalist Erin Dean that nurses should consider expanding their horizons outside of the NHS to earn more, and consider ‘side-hustles’ that can bring in extra money. Nurses need to try as hard as possible not to come out of the NHS pension as it is such a good plan, she says.   ‘Unfortunately, what you are doing is robbing your future self,’ she says. ‘Women have already got a massive gap in their pensions.’ Dr Ramskill shares her four top tips with nurses: Know your numbers. Get clarity on where your money is going and look at your NHS and state pension statementsReview your expenses regularly to get rid of unnecessary costsDon’t assume that someone else will do a better job than you on your financesKnow your worth – think about making more money, potentially outside the NHS.  Find out more about Dr Ramskill: https://thefemalemoneydoctor.comFor more episodes of the Nursing Standard podcast, visit
Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Effective use of social media – a nurse’s guide

Season 8, Ep. 5
Using Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms are part of many nurses’ day-to-day lives. Getting the most out of social media accounts as a nurse, while avoiding the potential pitfalls, is the topic of this episode. We explore the positives of these online tools that can bring members of the profession together. Our guest is Teresa Chinn, a nurse, social media expert and honorary assistant professor at the University of Nottingham, and founder of the #WeNurses Twitter group. She shares her experience and the many ways that social media has helped her improve her practice and tackle the isolation she felt when working as an agency nurse. The podcast hears about valuable guidance from the NMC, drawing on the Code, which can help nurses use social media safely and responsibly. She also emphasises the importance of not letting social media take more time than desired from already busy lives.  Ms Chinn also shares her three tips for getting the most out of social media. more episodes of the Nursing Standard podcast, visit
Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Saving the NHS: why nursing strikes will continue

Season 8, Ep. 2
In January thousands of nurses in the NHS staged a two-day strike across England over pay, as members of the RCN continue their historic walkouts.But what were the real reasons for nursing staff voting for industrial action?In the latest episode of the Nursing Standard podcast we hear from nurses on the picket lines in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Brighton and London about their personal reasons for taking part in the strikes on 18 and 19 of January 2023.Speaking to reporters nurses from all aspects of nursing, staff told us their chief concern was patient safety and the future of the NHS. While some nurses spoke of struggling to pay their bills, some student nurses explained that completing their placement proficiencies was almost impossible, as the staff shortages meant learning and university paperwork is being side-lined.Speaking on the picket line alongside nurses, the RCN’s general secretary Pat Cullen told the podcast that nurses had been ‘pushed onto picket lines by this government’ and while the stalemate remained, the biggest NHS strike would go ahead in February with all mandated members of the union in England, Wales and Northern Ireland striking at the same time. She said: ‘We need to get round a table and start to work together to resolve the 2022/23 pay dispute, and we need to do that very quickly before we move into another set of strikes.’For more episodes of the Nursing Standard podcast, visit