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Sources of Conflict in Mozambique and the Path Forward

A surge of insurgent activity from ISIS Mozambique has the potential to deepen famine conditions in the country, hurt investment in a burgeoning natural gas sector, and destabilize the region.  The United States has sent in special forces to help support the military in Mozambique and the terrorist designation has drawn increasing interest from national security leaders on Capitol Hill.  In order to better understand the conflict and determine whether and how the United States should get involved, we've brought together a group of experts who have worked on this issues in both the Obama and Trump administrations and in Congress to discuss.

Speakers include:

Lester Munson, NSI Senior Fellow and former Staff Director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (@lestermunson)

Morgan Viña, NSI Visiting Fellow and former Chief of Staff to Ambassador Nikki Haley

Nicole Wilett, Chief of Staff at Open Society Foundations and former Director of African Affairs at the National Security Council

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