The NRL SuperCoach Talk Podcast


SC Report: Round 23 - Everybody Panic!

Season 2021, Ep. 48

Lakey and JT are back for Round 23 to go through a big round as H2H finals gear up, teams are scrambling to fill a healthy 17 and those with trades are sitting back laughing! It's definitely silly season here in NRL SuperCoach land. Tonight we ramble over:

  • Chat over what we see happening with Tommy Turbo and what we're doing if he's in or out
  • For those with the benefit of trades - which positions/players we'd be targeting: Is Grant worth more than Cleary
  • Pimp my Team: What do we use Lakey's last trade for
  • Is Teddy a play over Turbo this week at captain?
  • 5 questions to really get to know the man that is Daniel Lake

Almost home!