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Jack White - Lazaretto - A Third Men Crossover

Season 2, Ep. 18

As you may know, Paul is a Jack White enthusiast, so you better believe us talking about Jack's 2014 album Lazaretto is a big deal. Such a big deal that Paul's brother James shows up to teach Ryan a thing or two about John Anthony "The Third Man" Gillis. An album partly inspired by White's own secret, lost, attic poems written when he was 19, and by kicking his legs out from under himself and diving into the magic music kitchen sink, Lazaretto sounds as if all of the best parts of Jack's career (up to that point) got drunk and THEN decided to go to a roadhouse and put on a show. Blue is the color and for good reason because red and black are long gone. Do yourself a favor and look up the definition of the LP title. Now hear this: "Three Women," "Lazaretto," "Would You Fight for My Love?", and "Just One Drink." 

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