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Beck - Modern Guilt

Season 2, Ep. 25

How do you all feel about that new Cream Soda Dr. Pepper? No matter your answer, and we're not going to wait for you to give one, it doesn't matter because we're back with our regularly scheduled programming. Back with what you ask? Beck's 2008 LP Modern Guilt and we don't feel guilty about it. Ryan definitely missed the memo about this one and Paul smacks him upside the head with it. In a spiritual sense. Beck teams up with Danger Mouse on a - AHEM - modern classic. Call it one hell of a shot in the arm of 21st century paranoia. Feels as if each song is better than the last and also the next. Makes sense because it is Beck after all. Call a doctor, call a ghost, call this episode a smash win. Enjoy it. Now hear this: "Gamma Ray," "Chemtrails," and "Modern Guilt".

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