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We're Not Playing Snooker

Don't Sit on the Arm of that Chair.

The boys talk about ending a phone call with the words I Love You. Do old people still have videos? Wrighty talks about his relationship with Graham Taylor and why he urinated on Dennis Bergkamps leg. More from Gary Lineker and the professor who wrote the I can Make You Love Me questionnaire joins them on the phone. 

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  • Can Seaman Smell?

    The last episode of the series sees the boys ask such questions as : Was King Dong real? Why did Wrighty call Phil Thompson big nose. Driving with the car light on. Can your own seaman actually smell their way to the egg and Gary Lineker calls up to set the record straight.
  • Why Cant I say Business Man?

    Wrighty talks about becoming Arsenals all time top scorer. What does falling off a cliff look like? Wrighty talks about Referees he didn’t get on with. Strange things to advertise. The latest Lineker Update. And three more questions from this weeks I Can Make You Love Me. 
  • Who is Boudica?

    Wrighty explains his love of the Roman Empire. The boys talk about the last time they cried. Another Lineker Update. Wrighty talks about the time he did Mick Jagger a favour. Phil Babb takes the mickey. And 3 more questions from this weeks I Can Make You Love Me.
  • Should You Spiderman a Dog?

    Wrightys agent tells off Goldstein. Wrighty discusses racism from his brother. The dangers of being a dog. Another Lineker update. Gazza and the heaters. And more questions to make Wrighty fall in love with Goldstein. 
  • Is there such a thing as Avatar Depression?

    The boys discuss : Teenage world records. Round necked football shirts. Why you can get depressed watching Avatar. Is Goldstein still blocked by Gary Lineker? Gazza and the hand break and the first instalment of “I Can Make You Love Me”.
  • A miracle muscle pill

    Goldstein and Wright return for the last instalment of the series to finally get closure on the Gary Lineker blocking. Along with Competition Time and Chapter Chat the boys discuss not watching enough football in your own house, taking a miracle muscle pill, why don’t kids feel the cold? Getting the cane at school and would Wrighty get back into football coaching at Arsenal and Palace?
  • Your kid's friends dads

    Goldstein and Wright are back with the penultimate episode in this series to bring the latest news on Goldstein’s Gary Lineker blocking, more Chapter Chat, Competition Time plus of course more things to get off their chest. Along the way the boys discuss: Going to the toilet in public, your kids friends dads, going to the shops for your mum whilst Alan Shearer, Jamie Redknapp and Steven Gerard all reveal if they’d unblock Goldstein on social media if asked. 
  • Is it ok to bury your own sick in the sand?

    Goldstein and Wright bring you another instalment of their timeless podcast. In this episode, along with Lineker Update, Competition Time, Chapter Chat and Wrighty's Chest, the boys discuss: Is it ok to bury your own sick in the sand? Why blokes don’t feel comfortable having a massage lying on their back, burp speaking, Gold teeth, Hands made out of ham, Twitter trolls, Wrighty's 179th goal and what is was like being left out of an FA cup final side.