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From the Archive: I Am Not A Witch (Rungano Nyoni)

In this episode we talk to writer and director Rungano Nyoni where she talked in detail about her debut film, I Am Not a Witch, and about the struggles and triumphs of the film making process.

‘It’s a life or death acusation which can be based on as little as someone has a dream about you, it’s a bad dream they dream they’re chasing them and then they wake up and they’re like - you must be a witch, why were you in my dream?’ - Rungano Nyoni

In this film Nyoni's has created an impressive drama which tells the tale of superstition in a small Zambian community…we follow the young girl Shula played by Maggie Mu-lubwa who is accused of being a witch.

From the Archive sees us dig into our extensive contemporary and classical music and cinema podcast archive as we rediscover interviews and discussions with artists, with our long-standing producer and presenter, Ben Eshmade. 

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