Notes From The Field

  • 6. Episode 6 - About The Word "Missionary"

    Sometimes words that we use in English come with a degree of baggage in Japanese. "Missionary" is one such word, and in this episode I reflect on why that's the case, and how we deal with that in our work here.
  • 5. Episode 5 - Japan: A Christian Nation?

    In the aftermath of WWII, Japan lay in ruins. General MacArthur was tasked with helping rebuild the country. During a conversation with Emperor Hirohito, MacArthur was offered the chance of a lifetime. In this episode, I talk about that opportunity, and reflect a bit on what it would have meant for the country, as well as what it can teach us today.Research References:Harry Fox, "God's Unconditional Commitment To Us""General Told Of Barring Offer To Create A Christian Japan""SCAPIN-550: REMOVAL AND EXCLUSION OF UNDESIRABLE PERSONNEL FROM PUBLIC OFFICE 1946/01/04""Remaking Of The Orient": "MacArthur Encouraged Religion In Postwar Japan" Joyce Kilmer, "Trees" Furuya, "Postwar Protestant Missionary Work In Japan" Wittner, "MacArthur And The Missionaries: God And Man In Occupied Japan"
  • 4. Episode 4 - Simple Gospel In Japanese Context

    In this episode, Leslie talks about how he presented the message of the gospel in a specific context for Japanese friends
  • 3. Notes From The Field Episode 3

    Notes from the field is the podcast of Les Taylor, a minister serving in Matsudo, Japan. In this episode, Les shares a glimpse of religion in Japan.
  • 2. Notes From The Field Episode 2

    In this episode, Leslie shares thoughts about his family's approach to their mission and ministry in Japan.
  • 1. Notes From The Field Episode 1

    In this maiden voyage into a new podcast, Leslie introduces the new podcast and talks about the biggest challenge of his current work, along with the biggest blessing. Thanks for listening!