Notch Showcast


#13 Pound the Pavement

Season 3, Ep. 1

Creative Director Kev Freeney and Notch Designer Dillon O’Sullivan welcomed the challenge of creating The Blizzards ‘Pound The Pavement’ music video during a national lockdown. After initial plans for a live-action music video were put on hold, they began exploring the possibilities of using the Perception Neuron motion capture suit for an offline workflow.

The Algorithm team developed a hybrid real-time/offline workflow to produce the video remotely and in a short amount of time. The result of this experimental workflow is an enchanting video which brought The Blizzards together during a time of isolation.

In this episode, we talk to Kev and Dillon about their background in animation and VJing, how their trip to the 2019 NotchCon opened their eyes to motion capture and the use of Notch, and where they think music videos are heading.

Episode credits:

Interview and editing by: Kat Kemsley

Produced by: Bent Stamnes

Audio post production, additional music and mastering by: Arto Koivisto

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