Not Just the Tudors


Elizabeth Stuart: The Forgotten Queen

As a contribution to International Women's Day last Tuesday, this episode of Not Just the Tudors is a tribute to one of the great - but largely forgotten - Queens of the Early Modern period.

Elizabeth Stuart may only be vaguely recalled today as the sister of King Charles I, the grandmother of King George I, and thus a direct ancestor of our current Queen. But in her lifetime, as the deposed and exiled Queen of Bohemia, Elizabeth was a formidable figure, operating at the epicentre of the political and military struggles that defined 17th century Europe.

Professor Suzannah Lipscomb talks to Dr. Nadine Akkerman, whose deep immersion in the archives and masterful detective work, has brought Elizabeth Stuart to life as a canny stateswoman and possessor of a sharp wit, cherished in the hearts of her compatriots.

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