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  • 4. 90's - WWE Attitude Era

    Nostalgia Avenue, a podcast miniseries taking a nostalgic look back at the 90's & 00's. Creating that ' oh, i remember that ' moment. Description:Step into the electrifying world of sports entertainment with Nostalgia Avenue where we dive headfirst into the wild and unforgettable era that redefined professional wrestling – WWE's Attitude Era! Join us as we journey back to the late 1990s and early 2000s, a time when the squared circle was ablaze with controversy, larger-than-life personalities, and boundary-pushing storylines.From the iconic "Austin 3:16" catchphrase to the groundbreaking rivalry between DX and The Corporation, we dissect the pivotal moments that blurred the lines between reality and scripted drama. Get ready to re-experience the jaw-dropping stunts, the unforgettable promos, and the rebellious spirit that defined an era and laid the groundwork for modern professional wrestling.Whether you're a die-hard Attitude Era fan or a newcomer eager to explore the roots of today's wrestling landscape, Nostalgia Avenue is your ringside seat to the explosive era that changed the game forever. Tune in and relive the Attitude Era's raw intensity, unforgettable characters, and unapologetic attitude. Are you ready to rumble?-------------------------------Socials - Instagram Patreon ------------------------------Part of the Lone Wolves Collective - A place for indie podcasters to share their work with a DIY ethos.------------------------------

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  • 3. 90's - Blockbuster Video

    Nostalgia Avenue - The podcast miniseries taking a nostalgic look back at the 90's and 00's. Creating that ' oh, I remember that ' moment. Description: Step into a time capsule with Nostalgia Avenue as we transport you back to the golden era of movie rentals and weekend adventures at Blockbuster Video. Join us on a heartfelt journey as we revisit the iconic blue and yellow shelves, share stories of late-night movie hunts, and celebrate the joy of discovering cinematic treasures in the aisles. From rewinding VHS tapes to the art of movie recommendations, indulge in the nostalgia that only Blockbuster can evoke. Tune in for a delightful dose of memories, laughter, and a longing for the nostalgia of physical entertainment.Socials - Instagram Patreon ----------------------------------------------Part of the Lone Wolves Collective - A place for Indie podcasters to share their work with a DIY ethos. ----------------------------------------------
  • 2. 90's - Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon

    Welcome to Nostalgia Avenue, 90's - Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon. In this episode, we'll take you on a nostalgic look back to the '90s and exploring some of the most beloved animated classics from Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.Join us as we delve into the colourful world of "Dexter's Laboratory," where the brilliant boy genius Dexter invents fantastical contraptions while trying to keep his curious sister Dee Dee at bay. Next, we'll rub shoulders with the suave and comically self-absorbed ladies' man in "Johnny Bravo," as he embarks on humorous misadventures in pursuit of love and fame.Fly into the action-packed metropolis of "The Powerpuff Girls," where Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup use their superpowers to fight evil villains and navigate the challenges of being pint-sized superheroes. Then, we'll head to the bustling city streets of "Hey Arnold!" and meet the kind-hearted and football-headed Arnold, along with a cast of quirky characters, as they navigate the ups and downs of urban life.Travel to the idyllic suburbia in "Doug," where the imaginative and awkward preteen Doug Funnie takes us on a journey through the trials and tribulations of middle school life. And last but not least, we'll venture into the playpen of "Rugrats," where the misadventures of Tommy Pickles and his baby pals offer an adorable and humorous perspective on the world around them.So, whether you're a long-time fan of these classic cartoons or new to the animated world, join us on this epic voyage through Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon's animated treasure trove. Get ready to laugh, reminisce, and maybe even discover something new as we embark on Nostalgia Avenue, 90's - Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon.But wait, there's more! This podcast miniseries isn't just about revisiting our cherished childhood memories. It also has the potential to take deeper dives into the themes, characters, and cultural impacts of these iconic moments. Please subscribe in your chosen podcast player so you stay up to date on Nostalgia Avenue and future releases. ---- Links ------------Instagram
  • 1. 90's - Toys & Christmas Crazes

    Welcome to Nostalgia Avenue, the podcast that takes a nostalgic look back at the 90's and 00's, in this episode we are revisiting the most cherished Christmas moments of the '90s. Join us as we unwrap the stories behind some of the most iconic toys that defined our childhood and made the holiday season extra special.In this episode, we delve into the enchanting world of Beanie Babies, those cuddly creatures that took the collecting craze by storm. Remember the excitement of searching for that rare, limited-edition Beanie Baby to complete your collection? We'll share tales of trading and the quest for that elusive Holy Grail Beanie.Next up, we explore the whimsical realm of Furby, the interactive and often quirky robotic pet that seemed almost alive! Get ready for amusing anecdotes of how these adorable creatures brought both joy and laughter to countless living rooms on Christmas morning.Not forgetting the handheld pet simulator, Tamagotchi's took the 90's by storm and every kid was asking their parents for one or more of these digital pets that lived within an egg shaped device with an lcd screen and controlled by 3 small buttons. We were responsible for feeding, cleaning and entertaining these pets but if we didn't then... well we'd have to start all over again. No recounting of '90s toys would be complete without the infectious giggles of Tickle Me Elmo. From the long lines at stores to the uncontrollable laughter as Elmo tickled your funny bone, we reminisce about the fad that took the world by storm.Ah, the action-packed heroes from the Power Rangers series! Remember the excitement of finding those action figures and Zords under the Christmas tree? We celebrate the Power Rangers' influence on our imaginations and share stories of epic battles fought in our backyards.Cowabunga! Who could forget the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? We take a deep dive into the sewers of nostalgia, remembering the thrilling adventures of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael and how they became a significant part of our childhood Christmases.Finally, we pedal back in time to that unforgettable Christmas when many of us unwrapped the ultimate dream gift - a shiny new BMX bike! Whether it was racing around the neighborhood or pulling off daring stunts, the joy of receiving a BMX bike created memories that would last a lifetime.Join us as we unwrap the magic of the '90s, sharing personal stories, reminiscing about the cultural phenomena, and discovering how these cherished toys and gifts continue to shape our lives today. Get ready to experience the warm glow of nostalgia as we celebrate the true spirit of Christmas and the cherished memories of yesteryears. Thank you for listening to Nostalgia Avenue. ------------- Links --------------------------------------Instagram
  • Introducing Nolstalgia Avenue

    Nostalgia Avenue is a podcast miniseries taking a nostalgic look back at the 90's and into the 00's. I introduce this podcast idea and outline some of my ideas around the first instalment. Looking back in fondness on memories of the Gameboy, Playstation, Cartoon Network, Pokemon, 90's film & tv, music, WWE, Blockbuster Video and much much more. Subscribe to the podcast in anticipation and share with a friend. Social media - Instagram Part of the Lone Wolves Collective - A website shining a light on DIY podcasters & creators.