No Small Rolls


Bonus: No Small Recaps Eps 6 to 9

Welcome to No Small Recaps, where Grace, Ben and Super Fan Sam catch you up on the No Small Rolls adventure so far.

If you want to jump to a specific episode here's a guide to where each segment begins:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:24 Episode 6: Luncheon and Lies
  • 06:35 Episode 7: Wooing and Woes
  • 12:48 Episode 8: Disaster
  • 19:28 Episode 9: Sourdough and Second Chances
  • 24:39 Outro


  • David Knight as your Dungeon Master
  • Ben Galpin as Orryn
  • Chris Watts as Gaius
  • Darrel Bailey as Enkidu
  • Vicky Gaskin as Juna
  • Grace Kelly Miller as Gwendellyn
  • Original music by David Knight
  • Sam Oakes NSR Super Fan

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