No Small Rolls


Episode 49: A Spot of Arson

Ep. 49

In hot pursuit of a stolen notebook and tea caddy, Alfie and the Fatemarked Five are in danger of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fireball.

Join our merry band of actors for a D&D podcast filled with intrigue, adventure and laughter. Where there are ‘No Small Rolls’ and no small consequences!


  • David Knight (he/him) as your Dungeon Master
  • Ben Galpin (he/him) as Orryn
  • Chris Watts (he/him) as Gaius
  • Darrel Bailey (he/him) as Enkidu
  • Vicky Gaskin (she/her) as Juna
  • Grace Kelly Miller (she/her) as Gwendellyn
  • Robbie Bellekom (they/them) as Alfie
  • Original music by David Knight
  • Edited by Ben Galpin


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