No Small Rolls


Bonus: Sarah of Yellowcrest Manor

Musical Concoction 2: Candlekeep | An All-Star Collaboration of RPG Music Composers

A mysterious sound floats through the aether!

In honour of the release of Candlekeep Mysteries, David has once again teamed up with a crew of stellar composers to bring you an album inspired by some of the new adventures for the world's greatest role-playing game! In the collection of nine brand new tunes, you’ll get atmospheric textures to fill your soul with dread and wonder, insistent themes that will drive your adventures and epic soundscapes that will paint new worlds in your imagination.

David's entry is inspired by Sarah of Yellowcrest Manor by Derek Ruiz, a dark adventure in which a haunted book points a ghostly finger at the perpetrators of an unsolved mass killing in Waterdeep. An urban mystery full of intrigue, cults, and unsettled spirits, this ghostly music will give you a sense of what dangers lie in store.

To download this track for free, as well as the whole album of other pieces, head over to now!

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