No Small Rolls

Join our merry band of actors for a D&D podcast filled with intrigue, adventure and laughter. Where there are ‘No Small Rolls’ and no small consequences! New episodes every other Sunday.

Ben Galpin - Orryn

Cast member Ben Galpin is an actor and former Chemist. He's also the 'No Small Rolls' technical support, logo designer, head of branding AND an editor.

Darrel Bailey - Enkidu

Cast member Darrel Bailey is an actor and martial arts practitioner. Darrel is also the head writer on the 'No Small Rolls' beginners guide to D&D.

Vicky Gaskin - Juna

Cast member Vicky Gaskin is an actress, comedian, circus performer and theatre producer.

Chris Watts - Gaius

Cast member Chris Watts is an actor and primary school teacher. He is also an occasional editor for 'No Small Rolls'.

Grace Kelly Miller - Gwendellyn

Cast member and producer of 'No Small Rolls' Grace Kelly Miller is an actress and cabaret artist. She also does 'No Small Rolls' social media, admin and is an editor of the show.

David Knight - DM

Dungeon Master and producer of 'No Small Rolls' David Knight is an actor and composer. As well as Producing the show he also composes all the music that accompanies the 'No Small Rolls' adventures in his home brew setting of Eltimpyr.