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No One Knows Anything

What Canadians Really Think About U.S. Politics

This episode, we're taking a look at the U.S. election from a different perspective: Canada's. You'll hear from BuzzFeed politics reporter and real Canadian Paul McLeod about what's different—and familiar—about his new beat covering U.S. politics. And Daniel Dale from the Toronto Star talks about explaining the U.S. election for a Canadian audience. Plus, you'll hear from an immigration lawyer about whether or not Americans actually move to Canada for political reasons.

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  • No One Knows Anything

    After many months of asking “Do we know anything?” about this election, we finally have an answer to at least one question: Who will be president? This will be the last episode of the podcast for now. In it, we lay out a roadmap of all the things we don’t know about Trump's presidency. From the Supreme Court to Obamacare to what’s going to happen to the Trump brand when he's in office. Guest: BuzzFeed News politics editor Katherine Miller
  • Making The Call On Election Night

    What kind of information do you need to project a winner on election night? We talk with Brandon Finnegan, who runs the Decision Desk HQ project, about crowdsourcing vote counts to make calls—and what the consequences of a bad call might be this year. Plus, how BuzzFeed's newsroom is approaching projections on election night.
  • Mr. Brexit

    In August, Donald Trump tweeted out a cryptic prediction. He said, "They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT." This episode we’re taking a look at the similarities between the U.S. Presidential election and the Brexit vote. You’ll hear from Trump supporters who are a hoping for a “November surprise.” We’ll also talk about what makes this election different—like polling methods, campaign tactics, and voter demographics.
  • A Baggie Full Of Jimmy Carter's Hair

    This episode, we're taking a look at how gender and race play into the way we talk about political hair—from scrunchies to combovers to very expensive haircuts. We'll visit an unusual collection of presidential relics that includes hair clippings from George Washington and Jimmy Carter. And you’ll hear from BuzzFeed beauty editor Essence Gant about presidential hair and representation.
  • BuzzFeed Brews: Neera Tanden and Ben Smith

    The election will be over in just two weeks. Right now, forecasts at the New York Times, Five Thirty Eight, and the Huffington Post all give Hillary Clinton over an 80% chance of winning. This episode, you'll hear from someone who has been thinking a lot about that possibility — Neera Tanden. Tanden is a longtime Clinton advisor. She's also the co-chair of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project. Last week, BuzzFeed's editor-in-chief Ben Smith interviewed Tanden about what the first priorities of a Clinton administration might look like. Plus, what it's like to have all of the emails you sent to John Podesta posted to Wikileaks.
  • What's The Deal With Russia?

    This week we’re talking about something we truly know very little about: Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election—from hacking, to Twitter trolling, to targeted campaigns that question the legitimacy of the U.S. political process. Plus whether or not it’s possible to trace any of those activities back to the Russian government. If you've haven't been following the news about U.S./Russia relations lately, don't worry. We'll get you all caught up. Guests: BuzzFeed News world editor Miriam Elder, BuzzFeed national security correspondent Ali Watkins, and Clint Watts, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.
  • The Purple Cup

    This episode takes a look at the independent, uncommitted, and unenthusiastic voters who can't—or don't want to—pick a presidential candidate. And we ask how (HOW?) anyone could still be undecided when the two major party candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We begin with the voters in 7-Eleven's coffee cup poll, which has predicted the outcome of the presidential election every time since it began in 2000. This year, coffee drinkers are opting out of the red Republican and blue Democrat cups in favor of a third option: the unaffiliated purple cup, which is winning with 40% of the vote. You'll also hear from a group of undecided voters through our partnership with the Decode DC podcast. Guests: BuzzFeed world news editor Hayes Brown, Decode DC host Jimmy Williams, assistant professor of political science Samara Klar, and campaign organizer Mitch Stewart.
  • Second In Command, First In Our Hearts

    Hannah Jewell, a senior writer for BuzzFeed UK, takes us back in time to appreciate the hottest Vice Presidents in American history. You may not know who they all are, but of the 47 people to be first in the line of succession to the presidency, these ten are definitely the hottest.
  • This Tea Party Senator Doesn't Know Who To Vote For

    This episode, BuzzFeed politics reporter McKay Coppins interviews Utah Senator Mike Lee. Lee is a Tea Party Republican, a Mormon, and an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. McKay talks with him about about all that, and about why Mormon voters in Utah are uneasy about Trump's candidacy.