Amy Jeffs and Mary Wellesley: Storyland and Hidden Hands

Season 2, Ep. 2

On this episode we are joined by historians Dr Mary Wellesley and Dr Amy Jeffs talking about their new books "Hidden Hands" and "Storyland." We talk about the myth of individual greatness, the way stories shape our view of the world, and imagine Gerald of Wales having a Kanye moment.

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The transcript of this episode can be found here

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

From the Archives: Caroline Williams, Move!

Season 1, Ep. 16
From the archives comes this absolute BANGER of an episode from Dr Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, cosmologist and campaigner. Ahead of our new season in November we're bringing you some of our full-length back episodes that are usually reserved for our patrons. Like what you hear? Back us on Patreon to help keep us on the air!And our new backers, All Good Bookshop will ship you a copy of The Disordered Cosmos - and any other book! - if you DM them your order. Tell 'em we sent you!Humanity has stopped moving. The average person now spends 70% of our time sitting or lying around - and that was before the pandemic. It’s no surprise that this is linked to rising obesity rates, but it could also be increasing our levels of depression and reducing our cognitive skills.  Our guest on this episode, Caroline Williams, was going to be a PE teacher before being seduced by neuroscience. She's spent several years researching the connection between movement and the mind. As a science writer and broadcaster she says that her aim is to learn new and exciting things and share them in the most entertaining way she can think of. She is regularly featured in New Scientist magazine as well as the Guardian, BBC Future, BBC Earth and the Boston Globe. ​In her latest book, Move!, Caroline Williams investigates how movement moulds our minds including: how core strength is linked to stress control, why stretching tackles the mood-sapping effects of an overactive immune system, what dance can do for our emotional literacy, and why physical strength translates into emotional resilience.You can find Caroline at and on Twitter.​​Move! Is Caroline’s second book. Previously she wrote Override (published as My Plastic Brain in the US), and is the editor of two of New Scientist’s Instant Expert Guides: How Your Brain Works: Inside the most complicated object in the known universe (John Murray, 2017) and Your Conscious Mind: Unravelling the greatest mystery of the human brain (John Murray, 2017).Ideas, People, and Works Mentioned:- Rodolfo Llinás, neuroscientist- Tecumseh Fitch, cognitive scientist- Rubber Hand Illusion- Marcus Scotney, ultramarathon runner- MovNat FitnessFind Us Online- Twitter: (purchases here support us and independent booksellers in the UK)- Patreon: Ko-Fi: Guest: Caroline Williams- Episode Producer: Emma Byrne- Series Exec Producers: Emma Byrne and Georgie Codd- Series Senior Producer: Beatrice Bazell - Composer and consulting engineer: Mike WyerAbout UsBrought to you by author and publishing rockstar Georgie Codd and author and broadcaster Emma Byrne, NonFicPod is your home for the latest nonfiction must reads. Our premium podcast, Sh*t I Wish I'd Known teaches you the lessons that we (and our guests) have learned about writing - and about life.Episode transcript available here (Google doc)