NoLife Fresno

  • 25. All that Fringe at Rogue Performance Festival - Beckie Tetrault

    Originally born in the bay area, Tetrault made her way to the Central Valley and eventually landed in Fresno in the 90s. Beckie recalls a feeling of being stuck in town until she found belonging and community in Tower District . We dive into the strange amazing world of one Tower's adored festivals called Rogue. An annual event that features fringe performers from all over yonder be it theater, music, performance and way beyond! An oasis from the mainstream, this volunteer based organization celebrates with the community every first and second weekend of March!
  • 24. The Prolific Endeavors of a Fantastic Fresnan - Jordan Sanchez

    From Fresno, to New York, to San Francisco and back, Jordan Sanchez is a powerhouse of downtown development. Coming back to Fresno for an opportunity to help Bitwise grow, after 7 years the brand has exploded from 20 employees to over 600 and nationwide growth. Spearheading projects like OrdrSlip, which helped countless business keep their doors open through the pandemic, Jordan has since moved into the role of Director of Acquisitions for Bitwise.
  • 23. Fucking Do It! - Brandon Freeman

    Originally from Pasadena, Ca and after many visits and commutes over the years became a Fresno resident and has been a very integral staple in the Fresno music scene and across the Country. Brandon tells a story of how his love of playing music and inspiration all started with his Mother. Singing along to songs on the radio while they would roll through town and the perfect pitch voice that Freeman would be influenced by to start his music journey!
  • 22. DJ Mr. Leonard

    DJ'ing isn't just something Leonard fell into. For more than 15 years, he graced the central valley by hosting programs on KFSR and KFCF focused on exploring the deep roots of Jazz in American history. The cultural significance of Jazz on a national, and global scale isn't just about the music, and Leonard's mindset of education and celebration allows him to present not just a single genre, but a wide range to patrons and listeners. Whether you've seen him play around town or not, Leonard deeply understands how music can and will move you and selectively targets different parts of your being to lay down a feel-good, engaging, and exploratory set. When you go see him play, you'll know. His loving embrace poured out through soul, funk, jazz, Motown or any other genre is sure to enrapture you.
  • 21. Harm Reduction and The Needle Exchange - With Dallas Blanchard

    California native and spending most of his years in Fresno, Dallas was inspired to fight for human rights as a young adult a few decades back during The Iran Hostage Crisis. Since 1996, two years after the founding of The Fresno Needle Exchange, Blanchard has been faithfully serving folks in need with the help of a dedicated crew with big hearts.
  • 20. The Archivist of Fresno's Music Scene - Steven Thomas

    I sat down with Steven Thomas (@burninghammer559 insta & youtube) who has, without much of a second thought, been tirelessly documenting the Fresno music scene over the last 10+ years. Through several devices and formats, Steven has amassed nearly 800 videos on his youtube channel of various musicians and genres that have rolled through Fresno. With a focus on the punk & hardcore scene, his videos may be the only proof of long-lost establishments throughout Fresno and, the first person to tell me that there are STILL shows happening in Chinatown on a regular basis. 
  • 19. The Psychedelic Sounds of a Mountain Boy - Brian Bakalian

    Whether he's a hired gun for groups like The Stone Foxes, playing for Brim with Daniel Rice, or putting together powerhouse local bands like Sun Umbra, Brian's passion for music is a blessing for the Fresno community. With a grounded perspective on producing and recording music, Bakalian brings a wide range of musical experience into all he does.
  • 18. At the corner of Arthur & Robinson

    Over three decades in Fresno, Arthur paints a picture of our city's many layers and complexity and the importance of community and accountability within the bonds we gravitate towards. Starting out on disposable cameras, Arthur takes us down memory lane of a time of one-hour photos and the evolution of shooting on an iPhone to using a more advanced camera today.
  • 17. Not At Gilman! - Emilia Guadarrama of Sci-Fi Caper and Sunnydales

    I sat down with a friend and fellow musician Emelia Guadarrama joined by Xena the dog in my backyard this past weekend! Emeila is lead singer and collaborator of one of Fresno's finest indie/twee pop bands Sci-Fi Caper! She also shreds bass in Buffy The Vampire Slayer themed punk outfit The Sunnydales. We talk honestly about the struggles of imposter syndrome and keeping your ego in check when engaging with fans and folks in the community. We laugh about moments on stage that could have gone smoother but realize the humility in the lesson that the universe may be trying to impart.