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The No Proscenium Podcast

Review Crew: Lovers Anonymous/DreamWalkers/Brassroots District/Dragonbutter

Season 1, Ep. 301.3

This week the Review Crew tackles:

Candle House Collective - Lovers Anonymous (Online), reviewed by Kathryn Yu

Shadow of the Run presents Dreamwalkers (Cleveland, Ohio), reviewed by Patrick McLean

Brassroots District (Los Angeles), reviewed by Kevin Gossett

Brian Sander's JUNK presents Dragonbutter (Philidelphia), reviewed by Blake Weil

Hosted by Noah Nelson

For more from the crew check out this week's Immersive Review Rundown which features nine reviews from across the United States.

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  • 427. Exploring "Nostalgia Purgatory: A Chat With Designer Jaden Andrea

    Joining us on the show this week is designer Jaden Andrea, most recently the Art Director of Gather, the virtual gathering spot for remote teams that was home to more than a few interactive experiences during the height of the pandemic, and who has done installation work at Lightning in a Bottle, Neotropolis, and Burning Man. SHOW NOTESJaden Andrea (portfolio)Nostalgia PurgatoryGatherNeotropolisLightning in a BottleCASTINGNYC Immersive WeekendLA Immersive Invitational
  • 426. Ben Enos of The Escape Game

    Joining us this week is Ben Enos, Senior Director of Product Design at The Escape Game to talk about his path from being an escape game super fan to heading up a team at one of the largest location based game companies in the U.S.SHOW NOTESThe Escape GameNYC Immersive Weekend CASTING in NYC Pre-Sale
  • 425. Copenhagen's Sisters Hope

    Joining us this week is Gry Worre Hallberg the artistic director of Copenhagen based Sisters Hope a performance group and movement organized around the idea of a creating “an ecological awareness of connectivity” outlined in the book Sensuous Society – Carving The Path Towards A Sustainable Future.Sisters Hope was the group behind the event Sensuous Governing, which took place at the Danish Consulate in Edinburgh as part of the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe, which is where our own Toronto correspondent Katrina Lat encountered the group’s work. Katrina will also be joining me today as co-host.SHOW NOTESSisters HopeSensuous GoverningThe Best Immersive at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023
  • 424. The Order of the Golden Scribe: Initiation Tea

    This week the co-creators of the hit show The Order of the Golden Scribe: Initiation Tea — writer/director Arlo Howard and producer & puzzle-master Shuai Chen — join us to talk about their show which not only made multiple members of our Review Crew’s Best of 2023 list but also got a coveted Golden Lock from Room Escape Artist — all ahead of a return engagement in New York City which kicks off on February 11th.SHOW NOTESThe Order of the Golden Scribe: Initiation TeaCOMING SOON: The Order of the Golden ScribeCOMING SOON: The Tiger's BrideNYC Meetup (Waiting List Active)LA Meetup (Waiting List Active)CALL SHEET
  • 423. Rogue Artist Ensemble's 2024

    This week  Sean Cawelti and Chelsea Sutton of Rogue Artists Ensemble — the LA based company behind works like Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin, and Señor Plummer’s Final Fiesta — are here with us for a quite lovely conversation about their upcoming projects including the one-off Carousel of Fools taking place in Santa Monica this month and the full length immersive show Schlitzie: Alive and Inside the Decaying Sideshow which is slated for later in this year.Show NotesCarousel of FoolsSchlitzie: Alive and Inside the Decaying SideshowKaidan Project: Walls Grow ThinSeñor Plummer’s Final FiestaRogue Artists EnsembleNoPro NYC Meetup (Jan 29th)NoPro LA Meetup (Jan 29th)
  • 422. Kat Cole & Eric Garcia of SF's Detour

    Joining us this week are Eric Garcia & Kat Cole co-directors of Detour, the San Francisco based performing arts company, whose website says everything you need at a glance in big bold letters: “DEVISED THEATRE. DANCE. DRAG. IMMERSIVE.”In 2023 they brought us We Build Houses Here, and this March they will be workshopping a new production set in the same world as that show: The Twilight Aristocracy.This month the company is offering a series of workshops on devised theatre and drag performance — we’re going to talk to them about all of it. Hosted by Noah Nelson.SHOW NOTESDETOURDevising Immersive Theater: Craft, The Ensemble, & Audience ExperienceNYC Meetup Jan 29th @ 7PMLA Meetup Jan 29th @ 7PM
  • 421. 2023 End of Year Journalist Round Table

    This week we continue our annual end of year tradition of inviting our colleagues to a round table to look back at what was. For 2023 we're joined by Sabina Graves of i09, Todd Martens of the LA Times, and Scott Stein of CNET to talk about they year we’ve had in immersive — both on the live and digital side — how folks in media outside our field see it, and where they hope this is all going in the near future. SHOW NOTESSabina Graves at i09Todd Martens at the LA TimesScott Stein at CNETLove a TV Show? Now You Can Live It. (Alexis Soloski for The New York Times)
  • 420. Best Shows, Experiences, and Moments of 2023

    This week on the show we've got three segments with members of the NoPro Review Crew checking in from across North America to share parts of their "Best Of" lists for 2023.Joining us are: Edward Mylechreest (NYC), Nicholas Fortugno (NYC), Blake Weil (Philly/East Coast At Large), Katrina Lat (Toronto), Laura Hess (Arts Editor), Patrick McLean (Chicago/Remote Editor), Martin Gimenez (At Large), Kevin Gossett (LA Reviews Editor), and Danielle Riha (Denver).Hosted by Noah J. Nelson.Show NotesNoPro’s Best Immersive Moments of 2023NoPro's Best Immersive Shows & Experiences of 2023 (Coming Later Today)
  • 419. New Dimensions In Putt Putt: Meow Wolf & Walkabout Mini Golf

    This week on the show we’re joined by Co-Founder and Senior Creative Director of Meow Wolf, Caity Kennedy;  Sr. Art Director of Mighty Coconut Don Carson, and returning guest Lucas Martell, founder of Mighty Coconut and creator of Walkabout Mini Golf — aka NoPro’s favorite social VR game.Why? Because of the recently released Walkabout: Meow Wolf expansion, silly. It’s the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups of VR experiences that takes two great things — Walkabout Mini Golf and Meow Wolf’s Numina space from Convergence Station in Denver — and turns it into something wholly unique which brings out the best IN both team’s work.SHOW NOTESWalkabout Mini GolfMeow WolfWorlds In Play (Jan 2024)