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Bonus: The Batman ARG (2022) with Michael Andersen of

Like it says on the tin: a special bonus episode all about the ARGs of The Batman and how they have, and haven't, woven themselves into the fabric of the movies they've promoted. Michael Andersen of joins host Noah Nelson to nerd out on the still ongoing ARG for The Batman (the main url for which is, the history of Batman movie ARGS -- why so serious? -- and Noah derails the conversation to just talk about Batman in general because its the one thing he's loved longer than Star Wars.

Check out Michael's detective work at this post.

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  • 409. NoPro Goes To The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023

    This week on the show we talk with NoPro's Toronto curator Katrina Lat about her coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023, where she caught 57 of the 3553 shows that sprung up around the city this August. You can check out her written coverage in the show notes.Plus: in the back matter host Noah J. Nelson goes long on LA's Angel of Light & Knott's Scary Farm's 50th Anniversary.SHOW NOTESEdinburgh Festival Fringe Diary 2023: Festival OverviewThe Best Immersive at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023Review Rundown: Music Fairs and London NightsCarving Out a Slice of Theatre Life at ‘Measure STILL for Measure’ (The NoPro Review)NYC Immersive Meetup (Oct.)Lucid Immersive Summit (Singapore)Angel of Light (LA)Knott's Scary Farm
  • 408. Double Header: 'Visions 2030 Earth Edition' & 'Van Helsing's Dracula'

    This week an old fashioned double header as we cover two very different events in the Southland.First, Carey Lovelace, Founder of Visions 2030 will be on hand to talk about Vision 2030 Earth Edition Festival, which is unfolding on the campus of CalArts in Valencia.Then Sarah Mann of Madmann’s Playground and performer & poet Katie Rediger join us to talk about Van Helsing’s Dracula, their upcoming collaboration which mixes circus arts and dining, and turns the Dracula story on it’s head. SHOW NOTESVisions 2030: Earth Edition FestivalVan Helsing's DraculaSeptember Call SheetEdinburgh Festival Fringe Diary 2023: Festival OverviewPhiladelphia Fringe Diary 2023The Immersive 5 with Katie Rediger, Co-Creator of ‘Van Helsing’s Dracula’
  • 407. Hatch Escapes talk 'Mother of Frankenstein' & 'The Ladder'

    This week on the show we’re joined by Terry Pettigrew-Rolapp & Tommy Wallach, the owners of Hatch Escapes and the creators of Lab Rat, here in Los Angeles, the boxed puzzle story experience Mother of Frankenstein, and the long anticipated The Ladder, also in LA and on the set of which we spoke with the pair.SHOW NOTESHatch Escapes (Lab Rat, The Nest, The Ladder)Mother of FrankensteinEverything Immersive This Week (LinkedIn)Call Sheet September 2023Everything Immersive (Website)Lucid Immersive Summit (Singapore)Visions 2030 Earth Edition Festival
  • 406. Venice Immersive 2023

    Venice Immersive, the biggest festival showcase of augmented & virtual reality projects in the world, has returned as part of the Venice International Film Festival and so too has our annual check-in with programmers Michel Reilhac and Liz Rosenthal to talk not only about the festival's line-up but the state of digital immersive as a whole.Show NotesVenice Immersive LineupSen (Venice Immersive)Complex 7 (Venice Immersive)Fatboy Slim – Eat, Sleep, VR, Repeat (Venice Immersive)Everything Immersive This Week (LinkedIn)Everything Immersive This Week (Web)Review Rundown for 8.29.23Innovating Immersive Theater In Japan (Feature - NoPro)
  • 405. Jessica Creane and the 'Tea Party at the End of the World'

    Over the past year immersive creator Jessica Creane has become one of my favorite people to talk shop with. The creator of Chaos Theory and the co-creator, with Yannick Trapman-O’Brien, of Fair Trade, Creane’s new work – Tea Party at the End of the World — will debut in the Philadelphia Fringe next month.In this episode of NoPro we talk about how that show is coming together, tackling themes like grief, and just what immersive experiences excel at on the interpersonal level.SHOW NOTESTea Party at the End of the WorldIKantKoan (Jessica Creane's site)Review Rundown for 8.22.23Everything Immersive This Week (LinkedIn)Everything Immersive This Week (Web)NoPro Newsletter SignUpCall Sheet
  • 404. Mike Michaels of Austin's The Eureka Room

    This week Mike Michaels of Austin’s Eureka Room talks to us about making a room in his house as bright as the sun, roadside attractions, and Austin’s immersive scene. We have a lot of fun.SHOW NOTESThe Eureka RoomIRL Experience Creators Society (Austin)Huis Ten Bosch Theme ParkMike's write up of Huis Ten BoschEverything Immersive This Week (LinkedIn Version)Everything Immersive This Week (EI Version)Review Rundown for 8.16.23The Immersive 5 w/Jennine WillettPatrick's Port of Entry ReviewAugust 2023 Call SheetLucid Immersive Summit (Singapore)
  • 403. Lance Weiler's 'Where There's Smoke'

    This week Nick Fortugno, The Director of Gaming Pathways at City College of New York, slips into the host chair to interview an artist he’s collaborated with for years now: filmmaker and Director of Columbia University’s Digital Storytelling Lab Lance Weiler, whose critically acclaimed immersive storytelling experience Where There’s Smoke is currently running at ArtYard in Frenchtown, New Jersey through Oct. 1st with an upcoming artist talk on September 30th.Nick and Lance have been working together for a long time now, and we thought it would be a unique opportunity to play with the NoPro format and have artistic collaborators take a deep dive into a piece of work. We're pretty happy with how it turned out!SHOW NOTESWhere There's Smoke at ARTYardWhere There's Smoke Artist Talk (Sep. 30)Gaming Pathways at City College of New YorkReview Rundown for 8.8.23American Dreams Are Just Out of Reach in Stunning ‘Port of Entry’ (The NoPro Review)CALL SHEET AUGUST 2023This week No Proscenium is brought to you by SEE TICKETS, which has proudly supported thousands of clients across the globe in areas as diverse as historic attractions like Stonehenge, immersive theater like The Burnt City, and important cultural touchstones like LA Pride.
  • 402. Exploring Hyper-Reality with Curtis Hickman

    This week Curtis Hickman co-founder and chief creative officer of The VOID is here to talk about his new — and quite excellent book: Hyper Reality - The Art of Designing Impossible Experiences.Join us for a quick, action-packed conversation that covers how magic and virtual reality interact, the differences between storytelling and storybuilding, and the role Dungeons & Dragons plays in the design philosophy behind impossible experiences involving Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Jumanji.Show NotesCurtis HickmanHyper Reality - The Art of Designing Impossible ExperiencesThe VOIDMaking GhostbustersReview Rundown for 8.2.22Hey coffee lovers! Promo code NOPROYESPLZ gets you 25% off your first purchase of any bag of YES PLZ beans.Thanks again to SEE TICKETS for sponsoring this year’s Next Stage Immersive Summit Making An Impact Pillar.
  • 401. Keram Malicki-Sanchez on VRTO 2023

    This week Keram Malicki-Sanchez of VRTO and FIVARS is with us to talk about the recently wrapped VRTO — the Spatial Media World Conference in Toronto, and of course we get into live performance in VR, the cutting edge of haptics, and the true identity of Shakespeare.Wait… what was that last one?SHOW NOTESVRTOFIVARSTitan HapticsGames by StitchDerek Jacobi and Mark Rylance: Reasonable Doubt about the Identity of William ShakespeareThis episode's recording session is brought to you by… the fact that I buy my coffee from YES PLZ.Promo code NOPROYESPLZ gets you 25% off your first purchase of any bag of YES PLZ beans.Not a paid ad, mind you, just an offer from a friend! Whose coffee I actually drink!