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267 - Embracing the Parenting Revolution with Doug Haddad

Season 3, Ep. 267

In this special edition of the No Labels, No Limits podcast, Sarah is joined by team member and co-host, Ken Fay, Emmy Award-Winning Writer and Producer. Together, they interview Doug Haddad, award-winning teacher and best-selling author, who shares with us stories from his international adventures. If you haven't traveled much, Doug says to get out there and do it. In the meantime, Ken and Sarah found it entertaining to listen and live vicariously through him!

He says, "A good experience is the awakening. A profound experience is the enlightenment!”

Doug begins the interview by sharing his recent experiences in the middle east, Abu Dhabi to be exact, and how he was able to share his message with thousands during his time there. He said to those parents he met, "You being here as parents is the bravest, most challenging, most rewarding, most exhausting, most exciting thing you'll ever do in your life. But, you're changing the world and we're doing it together, one parent, one child at a time, for this generation and future generations to come."

On that same trip, he found himself at a dinner with members of the royal family, gathering in a large room. He said, "Within a few hours, I was making friends... I realized that, yes, there are differences among all of us, there are cultural differences, and more. When you spend enough time with anybody, we all root in the same universal truths. We are all alike and have the same needs and desires." What a perfect example of our core mission, here at the NLNL podcast, of shedding those labels and limiting beliefs!

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274 - Moments with Maria - featuring Heather Scott

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Our new Special Edition Limited Series “Moments With Maria” has pulled together 12 mini-episodes of heart-centered hope and inspiration. These quick videos focus on moments that make us unique and connected to ourselves, teams, communities, and the world around us.Team Writer, Maria, makes the warm introductions and guides these fun and informal conversations to shine a light on encouragement, hope, and wisdom.Join us every Tuesday during the first quarter of 2023 for "Moments With Maria".Today Maria chats with Heather Scott, author, educator, and coach, who works with successful entrepreneurs and busy professionals looking to create a sustainable model to reach their goals.We welcome you to Tune In and Power Up for the day ahead!Here's your reminder: Create time and space for exploration and make it a priority. Choose to invest time to rediscover what brings you joy and tap into the flow of life to achieve your goals. What have you done for yourself in the past week that has really nurtured you? What is one thing that you could do in the next week that would bring a smile to your face? Spend time each week and think about how you can implement a better self-care routine.Heather says, "Self-care is not self-indulgent or selfish - it's taking care of the only thing you have to give - you. Take care of yourself as a way to heal the world, show up aligned with your values, create joy and shine."Learn more about Heather here: