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230 - Learning About Lifestyle Health with Neil Bindemann

Season 2, Ep. 230

Thanks for joining us as we welcome Neil Binemann to the No Labels, No Limits podcast. Neil is the founder of Lifestyle Health Foundation, inspired by combining and supporting the work of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and learning how a childhood trauma his father had suffered had profound generational influence. 

Neil has a passion for person-centered care, recognizing, after major surgery for a brain tumor in 2015, that health professionals can also be people living with long-term conditions.

On March 27th this year, Neil and his team launched SmartTracker®. This powerful app helps users personalize quality of life measures and recognize emotions and values that can be hidden due to trauma.

Neil continues to run the Primary Care & Community Neurology Society, & the Community Therapists Network, with a great team at Innervate Ltd. – a team that also helps run the Society of Research in Rehabilitation.  

In this conversation, I ask Neil to share a bit about

  •       The unintentional but traumatic event his father experienced as a child during WWII that changed both of their lives
  •       His own traumatic brain event in 2015, that ultimately led to the work he does today
  •       Associating thoughts with clouds
  •       An update on the SmartTracker app launch
  •       An opportunity for NLNL listeners to join a closed Zoom session to get behind the scenes look at the SmartTracker app and ask questions

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