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172 - Business Growth Through Innovative Strategies with Madeleine MacRae

Season 2, Ep. 172

Today's episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast welcomes Madeleine MacRae. Madeleine is a former corporate consultant and now a business growth strategist, helping people increase their sales volume and build systems to stop working 24/7.

How did her story start? It all began, when she was working as a corporate executive and tried to find more time and freedom to raise her kid as a solo mom. Although it was a struggle, after five years in business, she has helped over 15,000 people hit the next stage of growth, whether it’s their first million in revenue, $5 million, or more.

Listen in as Madeleine gives practical advice on how anyone can stop working and feel overwhelmed while still achieving their goals.

She says, "If you're not getting a 3-10x return on your investment, then it was the wrong investment."

MM MacRae Coaching & Consulting helps catapult enthusiastic entrepreneurs to the level of freedom they’ve long desired. Madeleine works through 1:1 coaching, speaking and a variety of custom-created group programs.

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