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  • 330. 330 - Supporting and Empowering Nonprofit Leaders with Eliot Brooks

    We are thrilled to welcome you to another insightful episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast. Today, we are joined by an exceptional guest, S. Eliot Brooks III. Born in the heart of Greenville, South Carolina, Eliot's journey has been a remarkable one.He's not only a graduate of Oakwood University and Western Governors University School of Business but also a dedicated husband to his college sweetheart, Takisha, and the proud father of three beautiful children. Beyond his impressive academic journey and personal life, Eliot is an ordained minister.What truly sets Eliot apart is his role as the founder of The Eliot Brooks Group, LLC, a consulting firm with a mission to help nonprofit executives elevate workforce engagement and performance. His approach revolves around aligning vision, communication, and strategy to create meaningful impact.But that's not all – Eliot is also a co-author of the book 'Collaboration Creates Currency.' His passion is to teach the power of purpose and teamwork, envisioning a world where purpose drives the way we work.Today, he's here to share his wisdom, insights, and experiences. We're in for an inspiring conversation that transcends labels and unlocks the limitless potential of purpose-driven work. Learn more and connect with Eliot here:

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  • 329. 329 - Harnessing Habits for Health and Wellness with Fannie Martin

    If health and wellness interests you, today's guest on the No Labels No Limits podcast will resonate with you! Listen in as we interview Fannie Martin, certified health and wellness coach. She is a true wellness warrior who is on a mission to empower those of us in our second half thriving years (individuals over 50) who have faced weight gain and it's health consequences. With her expertise, Fannie has unlocked the secret to shedding those extra pounds while savoring your favorite foods and rediscovering the joy of life. In just one year, she's guided dozens of individuals on a journey to a healthier, happier life. Today, we are going to talk about:• Joy of eating and the microbiome• Food and inflammation• Tangible benefits from this journey• Keeping on track when our eating is different than other family member’s Stay tuned as I ask Fannie to get into the weeds and show us how to turn our favorite foods, meal planning, and increased activity into our secret weapons- for a vibrant and fulfilling future.Fannie says, "Embrace the powers within you. Say yes to your dreams & your health & wellness journey. When you believe in yourself and say yes to your own potential, you unleash a force that can move mountains and create miracles."Learn more and connect with Fannie here: Habit Hub:
  • 328. 328 - All About Change with Maria and Sarah

    When we mention the word "change" what comes to mind? In today's episode, we spotlight the topic of change, a universal constant that shapes our lives. As we stand at a crossroads, what does change truly mean and how do we navigate the nuances?Join us as Maria, Team Writer, chats with Sarah to unpack these topics around change:How do we define change?What are common reactions to change?Why do we avoid change?How a community can support you through a season of change?Sarah says, "All change, good or bad, is transitory. Give yourself time and space and grace."Learn more and get your chance to play in the SandBoxx: your 13 Storytelling Tips: more and connect with the Sarah Boxx Team here:Website: www.SarahBoxx.comTwitter:
  • 327. 327 - Effective Communication Empowers You with Stephanie Coueignoux

    Thanks for listening in to our No Labels, No Limits podcast where we strive to share accomplished and inspiring guests each week who have challenged limiting labels and beliefs to pursue and accomplish personal and professional goals. This week is no exception as we introduce Stephanie Coueignoux, a 3-time Emmy Award-winning communication and media coach with nearly two decades of experience as a TV news journalist.Stephanie has graced national outlets such as CNN, NBC, and FOX, as well as numerous local news stations. This journey in journalism led her to a profound realization - communication can be a source of stress for even the brightest minds.Drawing upon her Psychology Degree from Wellesley College and her extensive background in communication, Stephanie founded Stephanie Coueignoux Coaching. Her mission is to empower individuals to communicate with confidence, clarity, and impactful connections. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to help leaders and teams express themselves with clarity and impact. When it comes to community, her dedication is evident in her involvement as a board member and volunteer with several non-profit organizations. We dig deep and discuss:Why effective communication is key to living your best life.What impact does alignment have on leadership?Insights on how individuals and teams can use strategic communication....and much moreStephanie wisely says, "Start with your why. It all boils down to why. Once we can answer the why, you will immediately feel that anxiety melt away because you have clarity as to your purpose."Learn more and connect with Stephanie here: X:
  • 326. 326 - Seeking Insight From Your Soul with Stephanie Banks

    The Sarah Boxx Team welcomes you back to the No Labels No Limits podcast as Sarah introduces a truly remarkable guest, Stephanie Banks. Stephanie is an intuitive channel, mentor, and guide fostering soul-level connections. As it happens, connection and communication are the common themes in all of Stephanie’s professional endeavors as a speech-language pathologist, birth doula, lactation consultant, infant massage instructor, and intuitive channel.She says "We all have the ability to channel (connect on a soul level). Just like any other skill, it can be practiced and honed." Stephanie emphasizes that "Being able to connect to ourselves and others on this deeper level changes our relationships, presumptions, self-confidence, and all aspects of our lives. It can make life more meaningful and fulfilling."We are excited to have Stephanie share her transformative journey including:When and how her journey “ignited” Creating our own reality and nurturing compassionCommon misconceptions about channeling Soul Agreements and growthIn what ways her channeling has helped othersHow we can discover our own intuition.Learn more and connect with Stephanie here:
  • 325. 325 - Exploring Available Resources with Maria and Sarah

    We are so grateful to have you back to listen in to the No Labels, No Limits podcast. This week we have a special "behind-the-scenes" episode as Sarah shares a sincere conversation with our Team Writer, Maria Lees. In this fireside chat, Maria poses some common questions that cover the gamut of topics around tapping into our available resources. They specifically discuss these questions:Is there truly a lack of resources?How do you take an inventory of resources?Are our current systems creating barriers for us?Are you investing time, talent, and resources in the right areas?How do you find new resources?Sarah says, "The ability to start looking for things {resources} that we overlook, because they are just part of the environment, will help you start seeing things {resources} in business."Learn more and get your chance to play in the SandBoxx: your 13 Storytelling Tips: more and connect with the Sarah Boxx Team here:Website: www.SarahBoxx.comTwitter:
  • 324. 324 - Invest in Yourself to Bring Balance with Tatiana Flow

    The No Labels, No Limits podcast is excited to introduce a truly remarkable guest on this episode, Tatiana Flow, a spiritual mentor and abundance expert with a fascinating journey.Tatiana's path led her through 15 years in finance, where she worked alongside Wall Street professionals and successfully built and sold her own startup, raising funds in Silicon Valley. Simultaneously, she delved into the realms of psychology, esoterics, mysticism, and theology. She eventually left the "dream life" with a house in the Hamptons and a Wall Street Career in order to live her authentic dream life, doing what she truly loves. Now, Tatiana channels her vast knowledge of spirituality, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and quantum physics, to guide individuals on a transformative journey to merge the spiritual and material realms into one harmonious existence. In simpler terms, she connects people to the Source within to live an abundant life. Her mission is to help everyone fully embrace their true power, experience self-love, and bring more love into the world. She says, "Your body is your home. Pain is the end of suffering. Be natural, not neutral."Today, Sarah and Tatiana explore topics including:       What led her to make her “leap” into this expanded journey       Why she advises us to invest in our energy first and foremost —not just the business plan The best investment you can make is not in stock and bonds, but in yourself, your health, and growthLearn more and connect with Tatiana here: