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  • 341. 341 - Preserving Legacy Through Love with Michael Ruskin

    Today, we have the honor of hosting a truly remarkable guest, Michael Ruskin. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Michael is the last surviving member of his immediate family, dedicated to preserving the legacy of his late parents, David and Dora Ruskin, and late brother Allen Ruskin. Raised in central New Jersey, Michael graduated from Kent State University with a BA in Psychology and Political Science. His career as a human resource consultant led him to support corporations worldwide. Now residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, Michael is a frequent guest on podcasts, sharing his parents' inspiring Holocaust survival story.Michael discusses his book, "The Vow: A Love Story and the Holocaust,” and the significance as a tribute to his parents and a means of preserving their legacy.He says, "The Vow is not just a book; it's a testament to the strength of my parents' love, faith in God, and unwavering courage that allowed them to survive the Holocaust. It's my way of ensuring their story lives on, breaking intergenerational shackles, and spreading the message that God is the prescription for staying alive."Michael, has been actively sharing his parents' story on various podcasts worldwide, aiming to preserve their legacy. His driving force is a commitment to ensuring that the lessons from his parents' survival resonate globally. His goal is to break down barriers and foster understanding. In the next few years, he aims to reach even wider audiences, ensuring the legacy endures and impacts lives for generations to come.Join us in thanking Michael Ruskin for sharing his inspiring journey, the incredible legacy of his parents, and the profound story encapsulated in "The Vow: A Love Story and the Holocaust." To learn more about Michael's mission and the book, be sure to check out the links in the show notes. Until next time, stay inspired and keep the stories of resilience alive.Learn more and connect with Michael here:

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  • 340. 340 - Master Your Mindset with Ryane LeCesne

    The No Labels, No Limits podcast is excited to introduce a truly remarkable guest, Ryane LeCesne, the Advance Accelerator Coach. With nearly a decade of experience, Ryane has empowered over 1,000 high-achieving women, particularly focusing on the unique challenges faced by high-achieving Black women. She’s a pro at helping her clients overcome Impostor Syndrome, Perfectionism, and Distractionism to unlock their full potential. Simply put, she helps others master their mindset and put their thoughts into action.If you’ve ever followed the success blueprint but felt stuck lacking clarity, confidence, or courage, Ryane has the transformational tools you need. Join us as we dive into her evidence-based coaching process and explore the mindset shifts that lead to professional advancement. We cover a gamut of topics including:common barriers that high-achieving individuals, especially women, face in their careersconfronting challenges with the 3 C's – clarity, confidence, and courageimportance of addressing mindset barriers and taking bold actions in pursuing career or business goalsRyane leaves listeners with some parting words of wisdom when she says, "I encourage listeners to recognize and overcome their cycle of fear and self-doubt. Only you can break through those barriers and achieve your dreams. Know it's possible to know yourself and there are helpers to help you do that."Learn more and connect with Ryane here: Website: www.inspirebrandconsulting.comFacebook: Instagram/ Youtube: @InspireBrandConsultingLinked In: @RyaneLeCesneConfidence Killer Quiz:
  • 339. 339 - Chase Your Dreams, Leave a Legacy with Alison Hall

    Join us today as we welcome the incredible Alison Hall, a seasoned CPA and Corporate Strategist who has not only founded Change Agent Coaching for Women but also co-founded The Boldest Me. Having spent 25 successful years in the corporate world, Alison made a bold shift into entrepreneurship, establishing thriving businesses along the way.Her mission is to empower women by instilling confidence, helping them uncover their strengths, identify their purpose, and navigate the path toward the lives they truly deserve. She firmly believes that it's never too late to pursue your dreams. Get ready for an inspiring conversation as Alison shares insights on reinventing yourself and crafting a fulfilling life.During the interview, we focus on these timely topics:       Leave a legacy of generational wealth for your family       Live a happy and fulfilling life without retiring       Gain clarity about your life’s purpose and your reason for beingAlison says, "It's never too late to reach for a dream and grab it. If you only have one life to live, you'd better get cracking. So many of us move through life making decisions based on ‘shoulds’. I would love to help listeners think about how they can move away from that habit toward embracing a purpose-driven life, where passion, skill, and marketability intersect. If you wait for others to approve, authorize or validate your dreams/wants/needs, you risk wasting your one lifetime.”Learn more and connect with Alison here: https://changeagentcoaching.com Startup Smart - the girls' guide to entrepreneurship;jsessionid=4BA155A4E8501F54CA6A3A807C083EFE.prodny_store01-atgap18
  • 338. 338 - Thriving with ADHD and High Sensitivity featuring Jole and Tamara

    Welcome to the No Labels, No Limits podcast with Jole and Tamara. This isn't your average podcast episode; it's a roadmap to understanding and thriving through ADHD and High Sensitivity. Listen in as they delve into the intriguing intersection of ADHD and high sensitivity, exploring both commonalities and distinctions.Dr. Tamara Rosier has a Ph.D. and extensive experience in statistics, Dr. Rosier overcame dyscalculia, showcasing immense determination. Her diverse roles span college administration, teaching, leadership consulting, and ADHD coaching, granting her unique insights into ADHD's impact.Jole Berlage-Buccellati, is an expert in trauma-informed coaching and short-term therapy. With a unique blend of brain-based techniques and a background as a psychotherapist (HPG) and M.A. in music therapy, Jole brings a holistic approach to her work. Jole's methods empower and inspire highly sensitive, highly intelligent, and highly empathetic change leaders.During this unique interview, Jole and Tamara discuss the overlap between ADHD and high sensitivity, their gift such as divergent thinking, as well as challenges encountered by those that carry traits of one or both. In this insightful conversation, Sarah leads the conversation through these topics:Defining ADHD and high-sensitivityManaging and thriving with ADHD and High SensitivityPersonality types and traitsTools and resourcesTune in so you don't miss this enlightening episode as Jole and Tamara navigate the complex terrain of ADHD and high sensitivity, offering valuable insights for personal growth and understanding.Learn more and connect with Jole: more and connect with Tamara:ADHD Center of West Michigan Website: www.miadhd.comFacebook: In:'s website: tamararosier.comYou can find the individual episodes with Jole and Tamara below:#319 Tamara - Jole -
  • 337. 337 - Exploring "Soul Statements" with Corey Lyon Folsom

    We are thrilled to have Corey Lyon Folsom on the No Labels, No Limits podcast. Corey is a man of many talents and his diverse experiences include training in Yoga, becoming a certified NLP practitioner, and love and relationship coach. He has also been a professional tracker and wilderness guide for the newly sober, where his life journey led him to a profound spiritual awakening. Since 2012, Corey has been transforming lives worldwide, as he combines body awareness, inner wisdom, and effective communication to enhance life's clarity and ease. He has recently written a book, Soul Statements: A Love Coach’s Guide to Successful Communication, which offers tools for self-awareness and positive thinking.Corey mentioned, "The next right action is obvious when you’re connected to your value and to what you value.”Learn more and connect with Corey here: website book page: website: Instagram: Discord:
  • 336. 336 - Manifest for Business Success with Dave Conway

    Thanks for tuning into the No Labels, No Limits podcast today as we interview Dave Conway. Dave is a 7-figure entrepreneur and the founder of Conway Consulting. He's renowned for his action-oriented mindset and sales mentorship. As a top contributor to the Forbes Coaches Council, Dave's focus is not just on financial success but also on empowering people to realize their true potential. He's guided countless individuals, helping them become world-class leaders while achieving their financial goals. His journey from mentee to mentor reflects his deep commitment to empowering others. All of this, and much more, has been made possible through the practice of manifestation.As we dig into the topic of manifesting for business success, we cover the following:What manifesting means and the disciplined study and repetition it takes to engage it.Defining "world class" and being your best while serving others.Understanding change, why it happens, and how we can impact and adapt to changes. Learn more and connect with David here: #daveconway #quantumleap #21daychallenge #winbigwithdave #NLNL #podcast
  • 335. 335 - Choosing a Career That Compliments ADHD with Shell Mendelson

    Is there someone in your life that has ADHD? Perhaps, you're that person. If so, you might find today's episode piques your interest. Listen in as we interview Shell Mendelson, ADHD Career Coch. With over 35 years of experience and a master's degree in counseling, Shell has dedicated herself to helping ADHD adults and young adults discover fulfilling and sustainable career directions.Her journey is a story of self-discovery. She faced her own career challenges and realized that her strengths extended far beyond typical secretary roles. Over three decades ago, she found her true calling and has been passionate about it ever since.Today, Shell works exclusively with ADHD adults and young adults seeking career direction, and choosing the right path, can lead to a joyful and purposeful life. Get ready for an enlightening conversation as we chat more about:Shell's journey with ADHD and how she came to find her "real" life careerTypical misconceptions about ADHDAdvantages of leveraging ADHD in a career contextNavigating decision-making with ADHDLearn more and connect with Shell here:WEBSITES: www.careercoachingwithshell.comFACEBOOK (BUSINESS): Book Author's Page: Next Career Move MasterClass: us in the SandBoxx: