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  • 349. 349 - Retelling the Story with Dr. Mary Ann Mercer

    Welcome back to another empowering episode of the NLNL Podcast! In this replay, we revisit our inspiring conversation with the remarkable Dr. Mary Ann Mercer, Psy.D. As an accomplished author, speaker, psychologist, and co-creator of Intensive Coaching™, Dr. Mercer's journey of personal transformation continues to inspire us all.During this episode, we delve into Dr. Mercer's insightful perspectives on overcoming obstacles, transforming beliefs, and finding resilience in the face of adversity. From bouncing back from difficulties to embracing life's challenges as opportunities for growth, Dr. Mercer shares invaluable wisdom that resonates deeply with listeners.Join us as we explore themes of hope, strength, and transformation, and glean practical guidance from Dr. Mercer on how to navigate life's uncertainties with grace and resilience. Whether you're facing challenges of your own or simply seeking inspiration, this replay episode promises to uplift and empower. Tune in and rediscover the transformative insights of Dr. Mary Ann Mercer!Learn more and connect with Dr. Mary Ann Mercer here:

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  • 348. 348 - Embrace Your Creativity with Paul Pape

    We're thrilled to welcome Paul Pape, an extraordinary artist, designer, and entrepreneur, to the No Labels, No Limits podcast. With over two decades of experience in the creative field, Paul's story is one of resilience and triumph over adversity, from a challenging childhood to becoming a highly successful creative entrepreneur.His unwavering dedication to learning and growth has propelled him to create countless bespoke products for clients worldwide. Yet, Paul's journey extends beyond personal success. In recent years, he has shifted gears to empower fellow creatives, generously sharing his knowledge and expertise to help them thrive in their ventures.As a dynamic speaker, educator, and mentor, Paul inspires others to unlock their creative potential and achieve fulfillment in both their personal and professional pursuits. He advocates for dismantling the notion of the "Starving Artist," firmly believing that creativity should be a driving force for societal progress, not a source of suffering.We chat about:Paul's transformation from artist and designer to helping empowering others build their passions into successful businessesThe concept behind the "Starving Artist" and recommendations on how to overcome the stigmaConsequences of not leveraging the creative assets on your teamInsights on the importance of creativity in today's environmentJoin us for an enlightening conversation with Paul Pape as we delve into his remarkable journey, glean insights, and explore strategies for success in the dynamic world of the creative industry!Learn more about Paul here:
  • 347. 347 - Building a Bridge Between People and Business with Anna Herrington

    Join us as we welcome Anna Herrington, a seasoned leader with over 15 years of experience in large-scale management within the corporate retail space. Anna's expertise spans organizational dynamics, team leadership, and employee development.In addition to her corporate experience, Anna is the co-founder, alongside her sister, of Harborbridge HR Consulting Firm. Dedicated to supporting growing organizations with Human Resources and Learning & Development, Harborbridge brings together Anna's deep understanding of business strategy with her sister's wealth of experience in design and marketing.In today's conversation, we delve into Anna's journey, exploring the wisdom she has gained through her experiences. From founding Harborbridge to navigating the intricacies of business ownership and leadership, Anna shares valuable insights into cultivating thriving organizational cultures.Key Takeaways:Value in Life's Experience: Anna emphasizes the importance of recognizing the value in every aspect of life's experience, both personal and professional.Openness to Opportunities: Be open to opportunities as they unfold, even if they deviate from your initial plans.Learning from Achievements and "Failures": Anna highlights how both achievements and "failures" contribute to personal and professional growth, making individuals better partners for those they support.Anna says, "Experiment more, explore more, don't let the lack of clarity create so much fear that you don't begin the journey."Join us as we uncover the lessons learned and wisdom gained from Anna's journey, offering inspiration and insights for all aspiring leaders and business owners.Learn more and connect with Anna and Katie here:LinkedIn
  • 346. 346 - The Power of Storytelling for Nonprofits with Kerry Kriseman

    Joining us today is Kerry Kriseman, a proud native of St. Petersburg, Florida, and a former first lady of the city. Kerry's journey is a blend of journalism, public relations, and a passion for writing and teaching.With a background in News and Marketing at the St. Petersburg Times and experience as the Public Relations Manager at Creative Clay, Kerry has brought her expertise to various platforms. She holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida.Kerry is not just a writer but an author of the insightful memoir, "Accidental First Lady: On the Front Lines (and Behind the Scenes) of Local Politics." She has also shared her knowledge by teaching memoir writing and speaking on writing and publishing.In addition to her literary pursuits, Kerry contributes to the luxury travel magazine, Be Seeing You, and is a dedicated puppy raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Her involvement extends to the Pet Therapy Program at Tampa General Hospital, showcasing her love for animals and community service.Today, we unpack some of these topics:·       The power of storytelling and its impact on personal growth and empowerment·       Overcoming challenges and navigating hardships with resilience and community support·       Advocacy and awareness for important causes, such as ovarian cancer and discrimination·       Transformative storytelling in non-profit organizations and its role in elevating missions and securing fundingKerry says, "We can all survive challenging times, even tragedy, if we lean on community, and summon the resilience we are all capable of. Going back to the power of sharing stories, if we are brave enough to tell ours and invite others into our world, then navigating hardships can be easier."Learn more and connect with Kerry here: www.kerrykriseman.comFacebook Page:
  • 345. 345 - Revisiting Lessons Learned with Brad Yates

    Thanks for joining us on for another episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast where we revisit a previous interview with Brad Yates. This is a friendly reminder, when you're feeling stretched or challenged, to be grateful for the lessons learned and those still coming your way!Learn more and connect with Brad here:Website:
  • 344. 344 - Creating Success Through Franchises and Bestsellers with Charles D'Amico

    Today's episode welcomes an extraordinary guest, Charles D'Amico, a successful entrepreneur from Metro-Detroit. Charles attributes his achievements to his foundational education and his journey through criminology, psychology, and the restaurant industry.Charles graduated from Ball State back in '04 with degrees in criminology and psychology. He dipped his toes into the restaurant world before diving into entrepreneurship, starting with Blue Rock Consulting. Fueled by impending fatherhood, he went on to own 11 Jimmy John's stores and two other companies in just 22 months. Now, that's what I call a fast track to success!Charles is not just a business whiz. In January 2020, right before the pandemic hit, he took on the challenge of writing a whopping 14 novels called 'The Neil Baggio Series.' His goal? To hit over a million words by the time he turns 40. This immersion into writing led him to address challenges in the publishing industry, particularly for writers left behind by the traditional system.During his interview we dig deeper into:Using your diverse background for successVenturing into Indie PublishingEmpathy and Sympathy: distinctions and perceptionsInsights into being present and overcoming personal barriersCharles D'Amico's journey is one for the books. He's not just about business; he's out there changing the game in the literary world. Join us for this laid-back chat with Charles, as we uncover the keys to his success and the wisdom he imparts to fellow entrepreneurs and authors alike. He says, ""If you haven't put in a fraction of the effort you did as a child into walking, have you given as much as you can?"Learn more and connect with Charles here:
  • 343. 343 - Market Your Genius with Nikki Nash

    Get ready for a conversation filled with insights, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on marketing, entrepreneurship, and life. In this episode, we welcome Nikki Nash, a seasoned marketer, bestselling author, and podcast host.Nikki shares her journey from assisting Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial success. She conveys insights into her ride on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, how she has navigated those highs and lows, and shares some invaluable lessons learned along the way. Learn about her resilience and how she emerged stronger, armed with wisdom to overcome challenges.During the interview we highlight:Nikki's pivotal moment in shifting from aspiring actress to marketing expert.Advice Nikki would give her younger, aspiring-actress self, shaping her career path.Overrated or misunderstood marketing trends.Insights into revenue diversification and accelerator offers.Wisdom from Nikki's book, 'Market Your Genius,' distilled into tweet-length advice for budding entrepreneurs.Nikki imparts some words of wisdom when she says, "One of the bravest things you can do in this world is share some of yourself with others. Your story has healing powers." Learn more and connect with Nikki here: