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Tania Lacey - My First Idol

Season 5, Ep. 5

She was the brightest star on Australian television in 1990 and literally everything I wanted to be. We need to talk about what happened to Tania Lacy.

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  • 14. 2024 is going to be BIG!

    2024 is going to be a HUGE year and we would love you to come and be a part of the "Can We Be Real?" community. Search "Can We Be Real? on all major podcasts platforms.
  • 13. Can We Be Real? The Secrets!

    Introducing "Can We Be Real?" - a new podcast that delves deep into the realm of authenticity and vulnerability. Join us as we encourage our listeners to share their most intimate secrets, creating an atmosphere of connection and openness.In this episode, we're thrilled to unveil some of our favourite secrets shared by our incredible listeners. Prepare to be moved, entertained, and inspired as we explore the depths of human emotions and experiences.Simply search for "Can We Be Real?" on your favourite podcast app. Make sure to hit that subscribe and follow button, so you never miss an episode.Tune in every Tuesday for the latest episodes as we bring you authentic stories that will leave you pondering long after the episode ends.
  • 12. Mark Bouris - Can We Be Real?

    Mark Bouris recently had Meshel on his podcast called Straight Talk so we have dropped it in the feed for you today.Make sure you come and join my new podcast "Can We Be Real?" with new episodes out every Tuesday.
  • 11. NEW PODCAST: Can We Be Real?

    I've launched a brand new podcast and I would love you to come over and check it out.It's called "Can We Be Real?" and you will find on this podcast app... Just search "Can We Be Real?" and join me every Tuesday.Recently I was interview on Jess Rowes podcast and I really enjoyed the chat so I'm dropping it in here for you today.Enjoy and make sure you come and join the "Can We Be Real?" community.Would love your support.
  • 10. Can We Be Real?

    🚨 NEW PODCAST ALERT 🚨You are the first to find out about a new podcast project I've been working on and it's called "Can We Be Real?"I've really missed connecting with you on a range of different topics and now every Tuesday we can catch up, share secrets, chat life and discuss taboo topics going on in the world.I would really love your support today...Please search "Can We Be Real? on your favourite podcast platform. Subscribe on Apple, follow on Spotify so you get the latest episodes when they drop and if you get the chance to share this podcast with your friends that would be a HUGE help.Tuesday's are now for "Can We Be Real?" Thank you for your support.Instagram: @Meshel_Laurie
  • Lynne McGranger (Yes, it's Irene!)

    Hi friend. Here's a new show I thought Nitty Gritty listeners might like. It's called Calm ya Farm. It’s a short drop of practical wisdom from unlikely gurus. This one is Home and Away’s Irene!More calming ideas at our website.Thank you to Uncle Jack Charles for the Acknowledgement of Country.How do YOU #CalmYaFarm? Leave us a voice message via our Speakpipe! It's free! And we'll share our favourites in upcoming podcasts / newsletters. Record your message here.
  • 9. October Astrology with Maggie Kerr

    October Astrology with Maggie Kerr. You can connect with her here.
  • 8. Electric Blue – Superheroes and Supervillains

    Paul Verhoeven, author of Loose Units is back with a second book about his father John’s time in NSW police and it’s another fantastic, action-packed and funny read. There’s a deeper, darker side this time too, as the Verhoeven’s confront the brutal bullying Paul suffered during his childhood and the decisions his parents made around dealing with it. This is an intriguing conversation about father son dynamics. Thanks to Paul Verhoeven & John Verhoeven, and Professor Stephen Cordner.If you or someone you know is being bullied, contact The Bully Project.Listen to my other interview with Paul and John on Australian True Crime here.Listen to Paul and John's podcast Loose Units here or on your favourite podcast app.If you'd like to purchase Electric Blue by Paul Verhoeven you can find it here.
  • 7. Constance Hall is Magic

    Everyone needs a magical friend like Constance Hall.