Nice Girl CEO Podcast

Ready to step into your Nice Girl CEO stilettos? Growing a business can be tough with all the noise, ideas, and possibilities. Every Friday, Visibility+Business Strategist, Lisa Benavidez, will chat about visibility, confidence, mindset, authenticity, and more in a way that gets you excited about your mission in the world! Lisa shows you how to take small, simple action steps forward to grow your business...the Nice Girl way.

What does that mean? It means that you don't have to be mean, aggressive, or a bully to be successful and make an income. It means that there's room for all of us to make it. It means that you can be brave and confident to stand out in a busy world and truly help people from your heart.

If you're a #girlboss or a woman who is ready to be the leader in her own life, then this podcast is for you!

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