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Is Rishi Sunak's anti-strike law a trap for Labour?

After the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition met across the despatch box for the first time in 2023, Anoosh Chakelian is joined by the New Statesman's Political Editor Andrew Marr and Freddie Hayward to analyse whether Rishi Sunak can start turning his polling figures around.

They discuss Sunak’s answers about his use of private healthcare and Labour’s potentially costly plans for the NHS.

Then in You Ask Us, they answer a listener’s question on how Labour is responding to the government’s anti-strike legislation.

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On an earlier version of this episode of the New Statesman podcast, during a discussion about anti-strike legislation, there was a suggestion that individual workers may be arrested – this was incorrect. As we made clear in our intro to the topic, the law would be enforceable in two ways: allowing employers to fire workers who strike, and to sue unions that don’t ensure a minimum level of service. We have removed this from the podcast.

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