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Armando Iannucci & Dominic Grieve: Is democracy slowly collapsing in Westminster? | Westminster Reimagined

The renowned satirist and broadcaster Armando Iannucci returns to the New Statesman Podcast to co-host five more special episodes. In these shows Iannucci, explores the parts of British public life that he believes are broken, and he will be joined by guests from both inside and outside Westminster to discuss how politics could be better.

In this episode, Iannucci and Anoosh Chakelian examine what is at the very heart of British politics: the constitution. What is it, is it fit for purpose, and what can be done to change it?

They are joined by special guests Meg Russell, professor in British and comparative politics and director of the Constitution Unit at University College London, and Dominic Grieve, the former Conservative MP and attorney general for England and Wales.

They discuss Britain’s ramshackle constitution vs a codified system of government, concerns over “democratic backsliding” under Boris Johnson’s government and a lack of parliamentary scrutiny, and the kind of democracy people want.

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