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Boris Johnson has (not quite) resigned. What now?

After a dramatic twenty-four hours in which over fifty ministers and advisors resigned from government, Boris Johnson has finally admitted defeat and announced he will step down as prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party. 

In his speech to the public at lunchtime today, he set out his desire to remain in post as a caretaker PM until the party elect his replacement. Indeed he continues to appoint new ministers to cabinet to fill the vacuum left by those who quit.

In this episode of the New Statesman podcast, Anoosh Chakelian is joined by New Statesman editor Jason Cowley and colleagues Rachel Cunliffe and Freddie Hayward to discuss what happens next. They explore the likely candidates to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party, and discuss whether he will be allowed to stay on until the autumn.

They also answer a listener question on whether “Johnsonism” will continue to define the Conservative party beyond Boris Johnson’s tenure.

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