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What letting agents need to know for 2024

2024 is set to be a busy year for letting agents, from changing availability of housing and fluctuations to the energy market, to the Renters (Reform) Bill and the impending general election.

Join Ryan Heaven, Associate Solicitor at Dutton Gregory, Rob Owens, Head of Research at E.surv and Rik Smith, Director of Tenancy Services at Goodlord, to discuss everything your agency needs to know this year.

What they cover:

  • Trends in the rental market - will there continue to be more tenants and less availability of houses?
  • The cost of living and energy bills - what should agents be aware of?
  • Upcoming legislation and its impact on letting agents, landlords, and tenants
  • What other things to expect from 2024

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  • How to avoid fines and reduce risk in your lettings business

    Letting agents need to complete a variety of checks and licensing requirements for tenants both before and after they move in. However, with government regulations continuously changing, it's important to know what the current requirements are to avoid any risks or possible nasty fines.Join Orla Shields, CEO & Co-Founder at Kamma, Ryan Heaven, Associate Solicitor at Dutton Gregory and Lauren Hughes, Head of Customer Success at Vouch, to discuss the risks and fines letting agents may face in their business, such as Right to Rent checks or property licensing and how they can be avoided.What they cover:Increased fines for Right to Rent checksWhat are the risks and fines associated with property licensingChecking certificates from EPCs to gas safetyAnti-money laundering guidelines
  • Minimise fraud in referencing with Goodlord's PRO

    Fraud continues to be at the forefront of referencing suppliers within the sector, and focusing on minimising fraud can protect a letting agency as well as future tenants. Now, Goodlord is introducing a new referencing service to make referencing more secure than ever before.Join Goodlord's experts Emily Popple, Director of Referencing Transformation, Costas Frangeskou, Director of Growth, Nishma Parekh, Head of Referencing and Becca Kimberly, Referencing Executive as they discuss the current fraud landscape for letting agents during the referencing process and how Goodlord is taking a different approachWhat they cover:The referencing fraud landscapeThe Issues with document verificationAn introduction and overview of Goodlord's PRO
  • Lettings Legislation Update: from the Spring Budget to the General Election

    Following the release of the Spring Budget on 6 March 2024, there are a lot of key takeaways letting agents should be aware of for the upcoming year. From the Renters (Reform) Bill update to changes in short-term lets and anti-money laundering, letting agents need to be on top of legislation to avoid nasty consequences. Join Greg Tsuman, Lettings Director at Martyn Gerrard, Neli Borisova, Associate Solicitor at JMW Solicitors and Oli Sherlock, Managing Director of Insurance at Goodlord, to discuss the current updates in legislation for letting agents and what to look out for the rest of this year.What they cover:Takeaways from the Spring BudgetA Renters (Reform) Bill updateWhat else should agents look out for? (e.g. short-term lets, material information, anti-money laundering)Elections on the horizon (upcoming local and General elections)
  • How can agents use technology to win landlords in 2024

    Technology can be a maze for letting agents. However, with the right tools and opportunities like AI or social media, technology can help win landlords and help tackle issues, such as fraud. Join Megan Eighteen, Operations Director at Location Location, Kirstjan Byfield, Mission Commander & Co-Founder at The Depository and Costas Frangeskou, Director of Growth at Goodlord, to discuss how letting agents can use technology to win landlords this year.What they cover:Current perception of rental technology and landlord trends we expect in 2024What role will artificial intelligence play in the future of lettings?How can technology help your agency tackle issues such as fraud?How can letting agents use social media and digital marketing to win landlords?
  • Decoding the future of property licensing for agents

    In this podcast Orla Shields, CEO of Kamma, explains the importance of property licensing for agents.This includes:The risks of manual checksThe changes in Rent Repayment OrdersPossible property licensing fines for not being compliant
  • Taking advantage of the Renters (Reform) Bill

    You’ve heard it before: The Renters (Reform) Bill is coming, timelines are uncertain, and you need to prepare. So what more is there to say?The Renters (Reform) Bill gives a number of unique opportunities for agents to get ahead. Join the webinar and hear from Laura Tweedy at Gatehouse Chambers, Sean Hooker from the Property Redress Scheme and Goodlord’s Oli Sherlock. They’ll go through ways you can take advantage of the bill - from winning new landlords to boosting your revenue.What we’ll cover:How agents and landlords feel about elements of the bill - and how you can win landlords roundOutcomes from the Second Reading - such as changes to the courts process - and implications of the Committee stage - such as introducing a Decent Homes Standard to the private rented sector.Conservatives vs. Labour - current political views on the Bill, and what further changes to expect in 2024, with a possible General ElectionHow agents can take advantage of the bill - from reassuring your landlords to boosting revenue
  • How technology can help agents to stay compliant

    The compliance checklist for letting agents is a long one - and technology is one way to help limit the burden this places on you and your lettings team. In this podcast, Tara Lynch, Head of Product at Alto goes discusses:How letting agents are embracing technologyHow technology can help agents to stay compliantWhy technology can prepare your agency for the future
  • Demystifying tenant deposits, choices, and trends

    In this exclusive podcast Ben Grech, CEO of Reposit discusses demystifying tenant deposits, choices, and trends.Topics covered:Misconceptions around deposit alternativesWhat is innovation? And what will happen to agents who don't embrace technology?Tenant trends and choices