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Q&A: Everything you need to know about right to rent - with David Smith

David Smith, Partner at JMW Solicitors LLP, discusses upcoming changes to the right to rent process in England, answering letting agents' and landlords' questions on right to rent in this recording of Goodlord's most recent CPD-accredited webinar, which is also available to watch on demand.

Two significant changes to right to rent checks will be made to right to rent legislation from 6 April. The first change will allow landlords and letting agents to outsource right to rent checks to Identity Service Providers (IDSPs). Also from April, letting agents and landlords will no longer be allowed to carry out manual right to rent checks on applicants who have a Biometric Residence Card or are a Permit holder. They must use the Home Office's online service, which was introduced in December 2020. Check out these guides to right to rent for more information on the changes:

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