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Interview: Kerri Sullivan of New Jersey Fan Club

A new book just came out. It's a celebration of Jersey culture, and it's not a stretch to say that if you dig our podcast you will enjoy said book! (I even have an essay in it but full disclosure I'm not getting any kickbacks for this. It's a genuinely great book!) You can find info on said book HERE.

Today I'm lucky to interview the author/curator of said book, Kerri Sullivan. We talk about the book itself, why Jersey leads to such a compulsion in us, and also roughly 85 side tangents no one saw coming.

Many of you might know Kerri as the brains behind the Jersey Collective instagram, and as a long time member of this community. She rules and it was fun to talk to her! I hope you have fun listening and later reading.

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  • Jersey Dude Reviews Jersey Food: The Belmont Tavern and Tiers of Italian Food

    Geth has finally gone to the infamous Belmont Tavern in Belleville, and he and Don Fanelli are here to talk about it. This springs into a discussion the tiers of Italian food - from street food all the way up to fine dining. And a surprisingly thoughtful though admittedly un-researched conversation about immigration, assimilation, real estate, and America's moving goalposts on the definition of whiteness.
  • Chris Christie's Playlist

    Chris Christie was asked to create a playlist of “songs that stir his soul”. With an assist by special guest Jody Bergen County the NJITW crew examines this playlist track by track. Join us for the most judgmental, petty episode of NJITW yet! But we know you’re all going to agree with us. Sure, “Thunder Road” is a great song - but that’s the best you can do? Aerosmith? Let the shade throwing begin.
  • Gethadooch Summer Crap-tacular!

    It's Geth and Bonadooch this week, checking in with each other about how summer has gone and what they hope to do in the final days of the season. You might not be shocked to hear this turns into a lot of screaming about handjobs, but you might be surprised at who's leading the charge on that.
  • Bagels by Jarrett vs. West Orange

    The town of West Orange is fining Bagels by Jarrett over $1,000 a day for having window shades. This has created a ton of chatter in the New Jersey online world, ranging from "Just put the window shades up," on one end all the way to "This represents authoritarianism and we must rally behind our beloved bagel shop that barely even serves bagels." It's also shown up in newspapers and on tv news programs all over the tri-state area. We're here today interviewing our old friend Jarrett himself, to hear what's really going on, the conspiratorial thoughts raised by all of this, as well as one way Jarrett thinks he might be able to fix it all... by running for office?
  • SOLIDARITY EPISODE! Support the Nurses at Robert Wood Johnson!

    Have you heard the nurses of one of New Jersey's largest and most influential hospitals are on strike? Have you been surprised there hasn't been more press or political speech in relation to it? Us too. Luckily, one of the striking nurses, Carol Tanzi, came and spoke to us. She filled us in on the picket line, what caused the walkout, and why it's not just about the nurses getting a living wage, it is very much a strike aimed at patient safety.On a personal level - this one is shocking and infuriating and I am proud to stand in solidarity and help spread word on the cause. Hopefully I am not the only one inspired to find more ways to help.
  • Interview: James Lynch, Private Detective

    It's always a joy to talk to someone who has a different view of New Jersey due to their unique job - and private investigator (and author!) James Lynch is here to tell us what it's like from his very unusual perspective. Has he ever had to crack skulls during a stakeout in Bayonne? Listen and find out.
  • Scene Report: Land of Make Believe

    Geth recently had the chance to bring his four year old son to the Land of Make Believe, an amusement park he hasn't been to in over 35 years. It's located in the small Warren County town of Hope, which we assume was named as such because people really felt like they needed it. First things first - the Land of Make Believe RULES and is worth your time and money. That being said, there are some insane things about it as well. In this episode we break down the good, the bad, and the downright terrifying about the legendary Land of Make Believe.
  • Interview: Brewster

    Gethard is camping somewhere in the hinterlands of northwest Jersey, so Mike D takes the helm this week! He sat down with Mark Bucci from the band Brewster. What started out as a conversation about their new record quickly turned into a deep discussion on Rahway. Did you know Rahway has a deep, long running DIY music scene? Neither did we. Have a listen and start your Rahway re-education.
  • Interview: Wheeler Antabanez

    I first came to know of Wheeler Antabanez when he ran an incredible website about the Bin, the haunted asylum in the hills of West Essex County that was a huge part of my high school lore. Then over the years we became part of the same Weird NJ inner circles, and I've long admired his obsession with going to the exact types of places in New Jersey that many people try to ignore the existence of. We talk about the old Weird NJ days, his relentless need to create, and especially focus in on his newest books about abandoned rail lines. You can find more about Wheeler at his website