cover art for 33 HoneyPot-Heads, Interview with Honeysuckle Magazine founder Ronit Pinto

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33 HoneyPot-Heads, Interview with Honeysuckle Magazine founder Ronit Pinto

Season 2, Ep. 33

On todays episode of New Hemp Times, we have special guest Ronit Pinto the founder of HoneySuckle Magazine. Renowned for their coverage of controversial issues and putting women at the forefront of publishing and journalism, HoneySuckle Mag has become a favorite amongst readers nationally. Join us for a great interview and stick around for a special song or two!

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  • 38. 38 Bowling in the Apartment? Cannabusters w/ GrayBoogie

    Today on New Hemp Times, we are joined by our Production Assistant Grayson as we all play a round of Cannabusters. New Hemp Times covers recent news and events in the Cannabis industry, while also furthering patient education on one of the most misunderstood plants in modern history.
  • 37. 37 Cannabis Regulations & Cannabusters Special

    Greetings Hempnuts, welcome to another high-larious show of the New Hemp Times. On today's episode, we are joined by PharmD Stacia Woodcock to discuss the most recent news in the cannabis industry. Stick around to the end for a thrilling and shocking Cannabusters game!
  • 36. 36 Randy goes to Jamaican Medical Conference with Dr. Weepo Nuftoke

    Our very own farmer extraordinaire, Randy Cameron Jr. is on his way to Jamaica this week to visit with world renowned medical cannabis grower Dr. Weepo Nuftoke. Take a trip with Randy and enjoy the journey to one of the meccas of the Cannabis world.
  • 35. 35 Oren Levy from GreenAngelCBD discusses NYPD 106 lbs Hemp Confiscation

    On this episode of New Hemp Times we have two special call-in guests.First is Oren Levy from discussing his most recent raid where the NYPD confiscated his CBD Hemp flower and mistaking it for Marijuana. Story here: next interview we have on todays episode is Jennifer Isbell Boozer from Cannabama A CBD store based in Mobile Alabama. Join our episode as we discuss different sides and regions of the CBD industry!
  • 34. 34 Cannabusters with Honeysuckle Magazine founder, Ronit Pinto

    Join the New Hemp Times for another thrilling episode of Cannabusters, where we bust myths and current events happening in the industry. There is more than meets the eyes in this episode! Play along with the hosts and see if you can tell finding from fiction!
  • 32. 32 The State of Medical Cannabis in Colombia

    On this episode of New Hemp Times, Dr. Jahan Marcu and Dr. Jan Roberts sit down and discuss their recent trip to Bogota, Colombia with farmer Randy Cameron Jr. about yet another Medical Cannabis conference. Regulations in the market, new developments in products and more are at the forefront of this episode. Kick back, enjoy and subscribe to New Hemp Times!
  • 31. 31 Tales from the Clinic: ECS Medicine w/ the Knox Docs

    Join the New Hemp Times as we start a new season of shows! Todays episode features the Knox Docs, a family of Doctors who founded the American Cannabanoid Clinics. Listen along as we discuss patient safety, regulations and testing standards and more important issues surrounding Medical Cannabis.
  • 30. 30 Global Hemp Uses and Implications

    On this episode of New Hemp Times, join our hosts Dr. Jan Roberts and Farmer extraordinaire Randy Cameron Jr. with special guest Sophia Bruun to discuss where the global hemp market is at the moment. Re discussing the Global Hemp Conference in Harbin, China and also differences in regulations in the industry globally. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @NewHempTimes