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The Other Side Of The World

Season 1, Ep. 6

This episode features Piper (they/them) and their experience with being both queer, and autistic. We discussed the say these identities relate, and differ based on our different parts if the world. "I'm actually sharing with you a very venerable part of myself so you can understand me better as an induvial, and the fact that you're trying to devalue that right now is not helping our connection flourish." Piper says, relating an experience if someone denying their neurodivernt identify. Listen to hear more! And listen to Piper's podcast, "Queers These Days!"

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  • 5. Once Upon a Time

    This episode features children's author Sivan Hong (She/Her) as we discuss the positivity of neurodivergence, and what it's like writing for a neurodivergent audience. "What you bring to the table is incredible, the world would be a less interesting place without people like us." Sivan reiterates, when discussing how important it is for neurodivegent kids to be told that they're valuable. Listen to hear more!
  • 4. Blindfolds

    This episode features Josey (She/They) as we discuss kink and what it's like being kinky while neurodivergent. "If they are shaming you for saying no, if they are trying to coerce you, you made the right decision by saying no." says Josey, while giving advice on kink. Listen to hear more!
  • 3. Education

    This episode features Nathan (He/Him) as we discuss socializing in school, and what it's like being neurodivergent in a learning environment. "It was almost like they were working around me, not with me." says Nathan when discussing his education, and reflecting on early experiences with teachers and his autism. Listen to hear more!
  • 2. Booksmart

    DISCLAIMER: Max is not a licensed professional, and we are only having discussions. Nothing discussed is advice. Additionally, this episode features discussion of ABA. Listener discussion is advised.This episode features Max (They/He) as we discuss ABA, and what it's like being neurodivergent while learning about it. "There's also just the fact that they don't like different, and different is scary." Max says, in reference to why society isn't accessible to neurodivergent people.
  • 1. Culture

    This episode features Faight (They/He/She) as we discuss what it's like to be black and autistic, and how each community differs. "The conversations are for everybody, because we still live in the racist system, we still need to dismantle it," Says Faight when discussing the importance of talking about topics like race. Listen to this episode to hear more! If you're interested in another podcast, hosted by Faight themselves, listen to "Our Lives: Gender Included". Faight's Podcast:
  • 8. Misbelief

    This episode features Jacinta, as we speak about AuDHD (Autism + ADHD) and misconceptions that come along with these neurodivergence. "We are just people, it's just that our brain works a bit differently to yours." Jacinta discussed, on the topic of things people misbelieve about autism and ADHD. Check out her podcast, the Differently Brained Podcast.
  • 7. Cringe

    This episode features Freddie (they/them) as we discuss special interests and spoon theory. "When we, as autistic people, get too caught up in that cringe culture thing it can be detrimental to us." Freddie states, on the topic of special interests.
  • 5. Success

    This episode features Sam, an autistic podcast host, discussing his podcast and the success he found in creating it. His podcast called Autism Rocks and Rolls, and is on all platforms!