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  • The Tiffany Nelson Interview

    Trainee educational psychologist and former assistant SENDCO in a English primary school Tiffany Nelson joins Autisticly Aar to chat about the state of education in schools in UK

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  • The Athina Spann Interview

    Autisticly Aar welcomes Athina Spann to the podcast for a collaboration episode with Athina's podcast 'Let's Talk Disability' where we talk life with autism and dyspraxia.You can watch this episode on Youtube and Facebook Watch;Subscribe on Youtube: the podcast:
  • The Harriet Kemsley Interview: Archive Special

    Harriet Kemsley earlier this year joined Autisticly Aar to chat about her dyspraxia diagnoses and career in comedyYou can now simultaneously watch the releases of the podcast on Facebook Watch and YouTube as it goes out on acast supported platforms.Watch on YouTube: the pod:
  • The Holly Sprake-Hill Interview

    In this interview of the Neuro Rainbow Cast with Autisticly Aar. Aar chats to neurodivergent affirming British child occupational therapist Holly Sprake-Hill about her work as an occupational therapist, parenting autistic children and what is special education has been like for her child. We also talk about her own diagnoses of dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and ADHD.
  • The Ciara McCarthy Interview

    Ciara McCarthy (She/They) discusses her experiences as a deaf autistic person who has Cerebral Palsy and her activism and advocacy work encouraging other young people to be politically active and furthering the cause for disability education and inclusive education for disabled people.
  • The Emily Price Interview

    Autistic speech and language therapist Emily Price (She/Her) discusses her profession as a speech and language therapist, the communicative differences of neurodivergent people and what use does speech and language therapy have for neurodivergent people. She also discussed her autism diagnoses that came after she qualified as a speech and language experience and talks of her own diagnoses. Emily speaks clear of her privilege and position in her field never having been referred to such therapies herself after late discovery of being neurodivergent whilst she provides training and indirect support and advocacy work for those who work with neurodivergent people and provides supervision and training for those in her field. She highlights whilst she receives requests of autistic parents and guardians and support her work is focused and working with autistic/neurodivergent adults and providing indirect support and not specialising on the therapies tailored to younger service users under the age of 10.CW: Mild minor references to body dysmorphia and eating disorders. Helpful services for action, advice and support can be found on Email: neurocast@neurorainbowproject.comTwitter:@NeuroRainbowUKFB//IG/TT:@NeurorainbowprojectHost: Aar Jae Williams
  • The Leena Sarah Farhat Interview

    Leena Sarah Farhat (She/They) chats to Autisticly Aar about her diagnoses of autism, about how they masked and how people underestimate the talents of Autistic people sharing the unique skills and advantages to focused interests to autistic community and relationships.