Neil Oliver's Love Letter to the British Isles


42. Lost in the Mire, Morecambe Bay Sands, Lancashire

Season 1, Ep. 42

This week, side by side with Neil, we’re striding across a vast, treacherous bay where one false move could see us paying for it with our lives.

Almost 500 years ago, in 1548, the people of Morecambe Bay Sands asked for help, because crossing this vast tidal expanse was so treacherous many lives were being lost. The tides race across the sands faster than a horse can gallop and the bay is dotted with patches of deadly quicksand known locally as Melgraves, which have caught and dragged many to their deaths.

Morecambe Bay is surround and suffused with history, from the C14th Piel castle, which was the Yorkists mustering point in the last hurrah of the Wars of the Roses, to the Midland Hotel, an art deco masterpiece bursting with glitz and glamourous guests, which was opened in 1933. Above everything, it’s a breath-taking landscape that plays its part in our history and reminds us of our place in the powerful natural world.

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