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18: Paris Trips & Pearl Necklaces

Jamie and Sophie talk about their recent trip to Paris. Was it as romantic as they'd hoped? And they also find out what it means to "give notice" when they phone up a registry office. 

There's also an AMAZING message from a listener about a best man speech gone VERY wrong. And more "Reverse Mr & Mrs" where the couple discusses which Olympic sport they'd like to compete in. 

This week's "Wedding Favour" is from O'Sullivan Speeches, a company that helps you to write and deliver memorable wedding speeches, whether you're groom or bride, best man or MC. Insta: @osullivanspeeches. Website:

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  • We're Taking A Very Short Break

    This week Producer Jack abducts Jamie to find out what he’s REALLY done to Sophie. Why is she M.I.A? Has Jamie abducted her? Is she really at her sister’s wedding?Tune in to find out…
  • 8. 8: Mum RETURNS: Secret Sex, Jamie's Most Embarrassing Posts & Penny's Love Life (ft. Penny & Emily Laing)

    Family bonding or family therapy? Sophie is away prepping for her sister’s wedding this week… So we have the return of two VERY special guests… Penny and Emily Laing, Jamie’s mother and sister. Penny talks about taking her cheating boyfriend on holiday, break-ups and Jamie’s old embarrassing posts. Plus we hear about dog-munching condoms and baby-monitored sex…DON’T FORGET… We are launching ’Secrets Hotline’ where we want you to share your deepest, darkest secrets to: 07845897120Thanks for listening x Instagram: @newlywedspodcastTikTok: @newlyweds Email: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Additional Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Social Media: @emzchampionAssistant Producer:
  • 7. 7: Sophie’s Sister Reveals What She’s REALLY Like?! & This Guy Almost DIED On Jamie’s Stag

    This week we have two very special guests on the podcast… Sophie’s sister Georgia Habboo and her fiancé Tom Berry. With their wedding only weeks away, they’ll be chatting all things wedding and proposals. PLUS… Georgia spills the dirt on her & Sophie’s PHYSICAL fight and Tom’s near death experience on Jamie’s stag. Thanks for listening x Instagram: @newlywedspodcastTikTok: @newlyweds Email: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Additional Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Social Media: @emzchampionAssistant Producer:
  • 6. 6: The Most Awkward Episode Yet ft. Jamie’s mum, Penny

    Have you ever spoken to your mum about having sex on your period in a church? Well Jamie has...This week Jamie’s Mum, Penny, is back on the podcast again for more insider scoops on Jamie’s childhood, poo protests and hiding boyfriends in a cupboard. PLUS… We get down and dirty with Jamie’s old school reports and some very naughty listeners messages. Thanks for listening x Instagram: @newlywedspodcastTikTok: @newlyweds Email: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Additional Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Social Media: @emzchampionAssistant Producer:
  • 5. 5: Jamie’s First Period ft. Emily Laing (Jamie’s sister)

    This week Jamie’s little sister Emily Laing is on the podcast to give Jamie a taste of his own medicine. She spills the dirt on Jamie’s cheeky childhood adventures… PLUS… Sophie shows Jamie what periods are REALLY like. We’ve sorted Jamie out with a period pain simulator and his reaction is… not pleasant. It’s safe to say Jamie has a low pain threshold. Thanks for listening x Instagram: @newlywedspodcastTikTok: @newlyweds Email: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Additional Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Social Media: @emzchampionAssistant Producer:
  • 4. 4: Barbie, Dick Pics & Mermaids

    The NewlyWeds catch us up on their very busy week… From attending the Barbie premiere for five minutes, Jamie acting like a diva on the plane and Sophie INSISTING that mermaids are real. Plus, sending dick pics to your dentist, spotting Jamie walking in human poo and accidentally sharing a sex tape with your mum!! We’ve got some great listeners messages for you.Thanks for listening x Instagram: @newlywedspodcastTikTok: @newlyweds Email: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Additional Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Social Media: @emzchampionAssistant Producer:
  • 3. 3: Fake GF’s, Mating Calls & Sex Toys

    From packing vibrators in a frantic panic to Sophie and Jamie’s strange mating calls, the NewlyWeds update us on all things marriage. PLUS, Sophie and Jamie read some shocking dilemmas…Cheesy feet? Being in love with your step-brother? A one-night stand meowing at you? You are in for a treat! Thanks for listening x Instagram: @newlywedspodcastTikTok: @newlyweds Email: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Additional Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Social Media: @emzchampionAssistant Producer:
  • 2. 2: Tarot Reader Predicts Couples Future!!!

    A penis in a wine glass? Anal on the hotel balcony? Boy, do we have some listener’s messages for you!!This week Sophie and Jamie are joined by Tarot and Psychic reader, Fiongal Greenlaw, who will be predicting Sophie and Jamie’s future together. Are they twin souls? Or are they destined for chaos? Plus, Sophie and Jamie discuss the week’s highs and lows - from Vesper’ing down the M25 to attending Sophie’s sister’s wedding…You can book Fiongal for Tarot readings here: for listening x Instagram: @newlywedspodcastTikTok: @newlyweds Email: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Additional Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Social Media: @emzchampionAssistant Producer:
  • 1. 1: WE'RE BACK BABY!

    Buckle up baby! Our return as NewlyWeds is here and we are back with a bang!!! This week we get into the nitty gritty details of Jamie and Sophie’s honeymoon. Why did Sophie vomit out of her nose? What happened to Jamie’s baggage? And why did Sophie wear the same dress everyday? PLUS Sophie and Jamie answer all of your unanswered questions with a special section of listeners questions - for one week only! Thank you so much for all of the amazing messages whilst we’ve been away. We appreciate it so so much. Thanks for listening x Instagram: @newlywedspodcastTikTok: @newlyweds Email: Producer & Editor: @jacksuddaby_Additional Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Social Media: @emzchampionAssistant Producer: