National Treasures with Laura Lexx and Will Duggan

Welcome to National Treasures! Tag along with comedians Laura Lexx and Will Duggan for a day out at some of nation's finest attractions. Castles, stately homes, ruins, art galleries and museums. Listen as they stumble through muddy fields, hallowe...

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  • 1299

    This week Laura tells Will all about 1299 - a year full of tiny details including a prissy nun who is just way too perfect, a detour through what not to get stuck in a mangle and then finishing up with a small start to a massive historical deal.

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  • Deep Dive On: The Great Flood of 1953

    For our final (ever?!) deep dive, Laura tells Ron all about the Great Flood of 1953 that they learned about on their trip to Canvey Island. They try to explain the details of the storm and hear some stories from eye witnesses about what it was like to live through.
  • Deep Dive On: The Piña Colada Song

    Yes, we know: there hasn't been an interview. The file is lost somewhere in the ether of Will's internet but that won't stop us from prattling on for further time about the wonders of the Escape/Piña Colada song for 45 minutes. In a fun, giggly, lovely little chitter chatter the two besties catch up and dissect the Piña Colada song...
  • 7.1. National Treasures Goes To: Canvey Island

    Laura and Will have a blissful trip to Canvey Island and then Will spoils it by being selfless/an idiot. This episode features some of the history of Canvey Island, some fish and chips, some cold weather and a few technical issues as Laura and Will get used to the new microphones and how they work.
  • Oh Sweet February

    Due to a planned brilliant thing and an unplanned very irritating thing we are taking a break for a month. That's the headline, listen to the episode if you want more details. We'll see you in March.
  • 6.4. National Treasures Deep Dive: Dinosaurs in the UK

    In this, our final episode from Lewes Castle and Archaeological Museum Laura tells Will all about dinosaurs in the UK. And between you and me it is bloody fantastic. So pop it in your ears and enjoy. Please don't forget that if you'd like the extended versions of all of these episodes as well as a weekly bonus podcast and a monthly
  • 6.3. National Treasures Deep Dive: Witchcraft in the UK

    Hello everyone. This your first little deep dive after our visit to Lewes Castle and Archaeological museum. Now we can all agree that that was a lovely day out. But it gets better! In this episode Will tells Laura all about Witchcraft in the UK and a great time is had by all. Apart from the poor innocent women accused of Witchcraft. Obviously. But now in the modern world. ENJOY!Also apologies for the slightly lower than normal sound quality, between you and me/us, we just didn't use the right microphone. But let's put that behind us and crack on. ok, love you, bye.