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The Swift/Kelce distraction, Nation night at the track, and Connor Bedard

Ep. 523

It's Monday afternoon and the pre-season is more than half done, which means there was plenty to talk about on the newest episode of the Real Life Podcast.

Kicking off the Monday episode of Real Life, the guys got started with another round of conversation about the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship. Seeing as Taylor Swift was at the Chiefs game last night in New York, there was plenty to discuss regarding their blossoming romance if you believe that it's actually legitimate. From there, the guys recapped Oilersnation Night at Century Mile from Friday night and how it was a fantastic time for everyone who attended. Changing gears, the guys teased the Season Opener party that's coming up at Greta on October 11th and how it's one of those nights that we'll really want to attend. Turning the podcast toward the Oilers, the guys talked a little bit about the pre-season and how it's tough to get excited about given that most of the jobs are already filled. Talking about the pre-season led the guys to take swings at how many goals and points he'll put up in year one. Lastly, the podcast wrapped up with a random collection of topics that ranged from pre-season line combos to why baseball's season is so long. 

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  • 557. Worldly doppelgangers, Jordan Eberle trade rumours, and the #NationVacation countdown

    Thursday afternoon means it's time for a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast, the show where the guys want to talk about the Edmonton Oilers but probably won't get there in the end.Kicking off the podcast, the guys got started with a random collection of topics, including an homage to the Crushed Can in Moose Jaw and a conversation about whether or not Chinese Elon Musk is real. While everyone other than Wanye thinks fake Elon is a real person, one of the greatest things to happen in the social media era is having all of these celebrity look-alikes popping up all over the world.Getting back to the Oilers, the boys discussed the Jordan Eberle rumour, as varying insiders have linked the Oilers to their former friends as a potential trade target. The guys also talked about this weekend's trip down to Arizona for the #NationVacation, and how they all think Mullett Arena will be half-full of Oilers fans. Could it be possible that the place will have more Oilers fans than Coyotes fans?Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Thursday episode of Real Life with more randomness, diving into topics that ranged from parenthood, everyone's love of Hunter the Lynx, world travel, and why Mr. Beast changes his YouTube thumbnails as often as he does. If you're a fan of Real Life episodes that have absolutely no structure then this Thursday edition of the podcast is definitely for you. 
  • 556. The Super Bowl, Usher's halftime show, and planning Connor McDavid's wedding

    The boys were all in the studio for once, The Super Bowl needed recapping, and that meant a whole lot for the boys to talk about on the Monday episode of Real Life. Kicking off the podcast, the guys started with a recap of The Super Bowl before the conversation was quickly derailed by Chalmers trying to explain why he missed last Thursday's episode. Instead of getting back to The Super Bowl, they then spent some time talking about the City and Colour concert at Rogers Place on Saturday night and how it was a fantastic evening of music even though Dallas Green didn't play some of the hits. Getting back to football, the guys walked through The Super Bowl between the 49ers and Chiefs and how the start of that football game was so incredibly boring. Thankfully, the back half picked up significantly before having the game reach its conclusion on a perfect drive by Pat Mahomes in OT. With three championships in the last five seasons, is Mahomes putting himself into the conversation to be one of the greatest athletes of all time?Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of Real Life with a little bit of Oilers talk after the 4-0 drubbing by the Kings on Saturday night. As you'd expect, however, the conversation lasted about 15 seconds before the topic changed to Connor McDavid's wedding and how he is not at all involved in the planning process. That gave the boys a window to do some planning for him, offering up their ideas on what would make a perfect wedding day for the Oilers captain. 
  • 555. Oilers trade rumours, starting a new win streak, and the #NationVacation to Arizona

    Thursday afternoon means it's time for a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast, the show where the guys want to talk about the Edmonton Oilers but probably won't get there in the end. Kicking off the podcast, the guys got started as randomly as you'd expect from this podcast. First, Tyler revealed that he forgot his iPad on the plane on his way back from Toronto and how his own laziness is preventing him from going back to the airport to pick it up. He also touched on the continued neighbour drama on his street and how the levels of pettiness have risen to unprecedented levels. Turning the podcast back toward the Oilers, the guys walked through the Oilers' loss to Las Vegas and how it was a tough pill to swallow, given how well the visitors played in that contest. Yet, despite the hard-fought battle, some fans took the result way harder than they should have. If you read some of the comments at and on our social media, you'd think the Oilers had just lost 16 games in a row instead of winning them. Lastly, the fellas walked through their excitement for the upcoming Nation Vacation to Arizona and how this trip to the Mullett Arena could end up as a bucket list item. Seeing as there are plenty of rumours that the team could be moving as early as next year, watching the Oilers play in an arena that small has the guys extremely excited about what's to come in under two short weeks.
  • 554. NHL All-Star Game, celebrity sightings, and the Oilers shoot for 17 straight wins

    The boys are back from Toronto, All-Star Game weekend has wrapped, and everyone was back in Edmonton for the first in-studio episode of Real Life in quite some time. Kicking off the podcast, the guys started with a recap from Toronto and what the boys experienced in the days leading up to the NHL's annual all-star weekend. From the moment the boys arrived in Toronto until the time everyone got back to Edmonton, there was so much going on in the 6ix that it took almost half the podcast to get through all of the stories. From Bublé's confession at the player draft to the way the players navigated the skills competition and the game itself, there was plenty to talk about after what was a very busy few days on the road.Changing gears, the guys spoke about the 4 Nations tournament between Canada, the USA, Finland, and Sweden that the NHL will hold next year during a similar break that the players would get for the Olympics. While some of the guys appreciate the idea of best-on-best, others feel like a tournament with only four teams seems like a waste of time, even though the league will undoubtedly secure the bag. Either way, one thing everyone can agree on is that it will be fantastic to see Connor McDavid wearing a Canadian jersey for the first time since the World Juniors tournament. Changing gears, the podcast turned toward a random collection of topics, including a tribute to the amazing roles Carl Weathers played over the years, the endless talents of Flava Flav, Tyler going to the Nelly Furtado concert even though he thought he was seeing Nelly. They also spoke about the Grammys for a few minutes after Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs gave a beautiful rendition of Fast Car, which happened to be the first time the former has performed in years. 
  • 553. Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist John Morris & a welcome to Trav4Oilers

    With the guys busy al NHL All-Star weekend, Tyler handled today's episode of the podcast and was joined by two guests. First off, he was joined by two-time Olympic gold medalist John Morris. One of the most decorated curlers of his era, Morris hopped on the pod and shared stories of his career. He talked about his experience at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and had a hilarious story about the condom usage at the athletes village. He also played a little rapid fire and since he's a die-hard Oilers fan, he also talked about how much he's loving the 16-game winning streak and told Tyler about the best Oilers game he ever attended.Tyler was then joined by new teammate Trav4Oilers. He's a goalie vlogger and had some cool stories about his life in various pro-hockey leagues.
  • 552. The Oilers' perfect January, smoked meat, and Jay's lofty trade deadline plan

    The Oilers just wrapped up a perfect month of January, Chalmers was back with a tooth-brushing update, and that meant a whole lot to talk about on the Monday episode of the Real Life podcast. Kicking off the podcast, the boys got started with a fresh round of podcast reviews that included a truckload of feedback regarding Chalmers' dental hygiene. In terms of connecting with the audience, it's been a minute since any show stories have landed as well as this one. Changing gears, the podcast turned toward Chalmers' gripe with smoking meat. Even though he's always dreamt of being a meat smoker guy, the fact that he doesn't like the food he produces is absolutely hilarious. Changing gears, the guys spent the next few minutes discussing the Nation Vacation to Arizona that's coming up in a few short weeks and why you need to be a part of this trip. With only four spots available, the guys tried to incentivize signing up with some of the worst ideas humanly possible. Sticking with the Oilers, Jay laid out his pitch for why Edmonton should chase Sidney Crosby as a potential deadline target. As you'll hear, Jay was incredibly passionate about the idea, only to have that enthusiasm quelled by an unimpressed Tyler YaremchukLastly, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of the podcast with a look at the Super Bowl after Tyler tweeted that it's going to be the worst final of all time. Tyler's opinion wasn't shared by everyone, however, as the San Francisco versus Kansas City matchup does have more intrigue than maybe one might expect. 
  • 551. The Edmonton Oilers may never lose again, and Tyler's salary cap game

    It's amazing how much more fun it is to talk about the Edmonton Oilers in the midst of a 14-game heater than it was when they started the season at 2-9-1.Kicking off the Thursday episode of Real Life, the guys looked at the Oilers' incredible winning streak and how they have an opportunity to cash in on a 15th consecutive victory. Talking about the win streak led the guys to swoon about Sam Gagner's contributions to the team and how they cannot wait to see him play his first playoff game with the team that drafted him. Changing gears, Tyler told a story about his basement flooding this morning. If you remember, this is the second flooded basement he's been involved in, but now it's in his own house instead of his father-in-law's house.Turning the podcast back toward the Oilers, the guys tried to determine whether the Oilers would have been able to get close to their current level if Jay Woodcroft had not been around. Or has Kris Knoblauch changed things enough to have the Oilers buzzing the way they are? Combination of both? Regardless of where your opinion lies, the good news is that we're here and that Woody is still getting paid anyway. With no topics on the list, Tyler then walked through a bunch of historical cap information, and the guys played a game of guessing which players made more money.
  • 550. The Jasper recap finale, and breaking down Corey Perry signing with the Oilers

    Monday afternoon meant another episode of the Real Life Podcast to kick off your week and recap what's been going on over the last few days. On today's podcast, the guys finished off the Jasper Pond Hockey tournament recap they started on Saturday and broke down the Oilers' decision to sign Corey Perry to a one-year contract. Kicking off the Monday episode of Real Life, the guys jumped in with a recap of the Jasper Pond Hockey tournament that happened after the Saturday check-in episode. If you listened to that show, you knew that the rest of the day was going to turn into a hurricane, and that's exactly what happened. Changing gears, the guys dove into the news that Corey Perry signed a one-year deal with the Oilers to finish the year in Edmonton. Seeing as Perry was almost an Oiler 20 years ago, it seems almost surreal that the guy landed here almost two decades after the fabled Mike Comrie trade didn't happen. Now that Perry is here, where does he fit in the lineup? Given that he won't play until Saturday, there's plenty of time to figure out where he's going to play, but there's little doubt that the boys are excited to watch him do his thing. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the podcast with a look at the Buffalo Bills' loss from yesterday and how the result really ruined Tyler's weekend 
  • 549. Checking in from the Jasper pond hockey tournament

    The boys are spending the weekend in Jasper for the annual pond hockey tournament, and that meant the perfect opportunity for an on-location episode of the Real Life Podcast. Kicking off the podcast, the guys started talking about the pond hockey tournament and how it's incredible to be here for a third straight year. As you'd expect, talking about the tournament didn't last long before the shenanigans crept in and derailed the whole thing. Despite being unable to stay on track, it's clear that the fellas were thrilled to be back at the tournament. From bringing the house down on night one to the battle against Flamesnation to kick off day two, this episode of Real Life is about as unhinged as it gets. As you'll hear, Christopher K. Chalmers was an absolute menace on today's show and that meant a very tough job for producer Pat as he tried to edit this thing to a point where it's fit for consumption. Needless to say, this was one for the ages.