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Power of the Placenta with Dr. Nicole Rankins, OB/GYN

Today on Natch, Jackie meets and chats with Dr. Nicole Rankins, a board certified and practicing OB/GYN, all about pregnancy and birth (their shared favorite topic!) Dr. Rankins even hosts The All About Pregnancy & Birth Podcast. She shares with Jackie how her career path was dictated to avoid male patients, the only sure fire ways to NOT get pregnant, how to combat birth trauma, the importance of birth education, and why we should all stop using the term “due date.” For everything mentioned in this episode, go to

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  • Introducing...Jackie's Hole

    Hello hunnies! Have you missed Natch Beaut? Jackie is BACK today for a special offering... the pilot of her new podcast, Jackie's Hole! It is nothing like Natch Beaut, but it is fun and you will have fun listening! Engage with the podcast and help warm up the feed for what is coming next. Thank you for sticking around!To watch a video version of this show, go to
  • Saying Goodbye with Jackie J

    On this VERY special finale episode of Natch Beaut (Yeah- the show is ending... for now😇) Jackie does a deep dive on the first beauty product she ever used... with a little help from her family. Plus, her top 5 skincare products of all time, and her self care rituals. She FINALLY answers all the questions she has been asking her guests for nearly 6 years. For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to Thank you for EVERYTHING, hunnies!
  • Postpartum Part 2 with Jackie J

    Today on Natch! Jackie finally finishes answering all of your questions about all things postpartum and baby! Topics include: Breastfeeding, baby products, body changes, and whether or not having a kid was worth all of the struggle. For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to
  • One Look with Rozzi

    Today the hunnies meet one of Jackie’s dear pals, the incredibly talented singer/songwriter Rozzi! Her new album, Berry, is out now and you are gonna love it! Rozzi tells Jackie about her humble beginnings singing in the talent show, being a late bloomer, and how she navigates writing songs about her exes. Plus, her opulent skincare routine, her one go-to makeup look for all occasions, meditative walking, and how everyone should be in a choir! For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to 
  • Niche Indie Product Discovery with Elizabeth Kott

    Today, podcaster and tastemaker Elizabeth Kott is BACK! This time, she is here to tell Jackie all about her new podcast, Too Niche? Plus, Jackie and Elizabeth are fresh from the new Indie Beauty Expo and have a round up of their faves from the showroom floor, including a scented intimate wipe, scalp foundation, and a brush cleaner from the Gods. For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to 
  • The Village Brow Expert with Maggie Mae Fish

    Today on Natch, Jackie chats with YouTuber, actor, and writer Maggie Mae Fish! She shares what it was like growing up in a town so small, it is actually considered a village, and how that informed her life (and brows.) Plus, all of her favorite products, horror themed bath bombs, movie journaling, how to rock green lipstick, and how mapping your eyebrow to your face can change the game! For a list of products mentioned in this episode, go to 
  • The Good Mineral with Ego Iwegbu

    Today, over limoncello La Croix, Jackie gets to know Ego Iwegbu, entrepreneur extraordinare and co-founder of The Good Mineral. She is on a mission to make beauty easy and to get mineral makeup back on your face! Plus, a motivational speech for Jackie, how having braids gives you power, and the dating scene in Cape Town. For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to 
  • A Natch Mini- Anti-Snatched Friday!

    In lieu of the annual Snatched Friday, Jackie is presenting this year ANTI SNATCHED FRIDAY! This is a sustainable gift guide for things that will delight as well as help the cause! Go get you some jam at the Farmer's Market or a bar of shampoo for the honey in your life. For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to
  • The Cool Down with Katey Denno & Nina Tooley

    There is an eco-friendly version of every single product that we use in our lives, and today’s guests are on a mission to clean up the beauty industry one jar of eye cream at a time! Meet celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno and marketing Queen Nina Tooley, who are pairing up to tell Jackie and the hunnies all about their new project, The Cool Down. Plus, the real reason why so many celebs are putting out products, easy tips on transitioning to a more sustainable routine, some of the newest and cutest bad ass makeup brands (who also happen to be sustainable!) and lastly, an iconic superhero’s number one beauty secret!For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, visit