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EPS 98 - Reclaim your life and happiness after trauma, and RISE with Jennifer Storm

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that trauma victims will no longer be silent about abuse or imbalances of power. It finally feels like a shift is happening.

Hallelujah, is all I can say.

But there’s a long road ahead of us. This newfound visibility highlights the lack of resources available for victims to cope and heal from their pain.

That’s exactly what my guest, Jennifer Storm, talks about in today’s episode. An award-winning victim’s rights expert, she is also a survivor of childhood rape, and drug and alcohol addiction, and she’s a best-selling author.

It was an honour to be able to chat with her and listen to how she’s moved through darkness and suffering to find an inner strength - showing other survivors that you can overcome trauma and thrive in your life.

In this episode we uncover: 

✅ One thing you can do to help yourself heal;

✅ The practical steps you can use if you’re a survivor of sexual trauma and substance abuse;

✅ The kind of collective trauma we’re all experiencing due to the current pandemic;

✅ How you can find victim support and make the most of it to heal; and

✅ How writing 5 books has been an incredibly cathartic experience for her.

Mostly the message of today’s episode is that you’re not alone and it is possible to reclaim your life and your happiness.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into just a handful of what I’ve discovered and researched for you! Tune into episode 98 here.


You can find more Storm inspiration on Jennifer’s website.

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